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Great Lakes Maritime Personnel Index


Name Nickname Death
Cabot, William H.
Caddick, John
Cadeau, C.
Cadeau, A. G.
Cadeau, Ernest J.
Cadet, H.
Cadet, S.
Cadfield, Daniel
Cadieux, Honore
Cadieux, Adelard
Cadieux, Z.
Cadieux, X.
Cadieux, A.
Cadotte, Frank
Cadotte, E. J. J.
Cadotte, Frank J. J.
Cadotte, Joseph
Cadotte, Henry
Cadotte, David B.
Cadotte, Frank J.
Cadotte, E. D.
Cadotte, E. J.
Cadreau, Clifford
Cadreau, Gerald
Cadwell, W.
Cadwell, Warren
Cady, E.
Cady, C. S.
Cady, G.
Cady, G. W.
Caesar, Solliere
Cagne, M.
Cagne, W.
Cahartre, Alphonse
Cahill, M.
Cahill, Joseph
Cahill, Dan
Cahoon, Thomas W.
Cahoon, Thomas E.
Cahoon, Francis M.
Cahoon, Gerald E.
Cahoon, Frank D.
Cahoon, Frank
Cahoons, Frank D.
Cahours, K.
Cahours, Elon A.
Cahours, H. J. J.
Cahours, Edward
Cahours, Edward H.
Cahours, E
Cahours, H J
Cahours, Henry J.
Cain, Dick
Cain, P. M.
Cain, Richard
Cain, Richard A.
Cain, Richard
Cain, Jack
Caine, William
Caine, George H. H.
Caine, B.
Caine, Thomas E. E.
Caines, Minter
Cains, Harold
Cair, Donald
Cairl, Emmett R.
Caister, George
Caizley, A. V.
Cajewski, Felix
Calbeck, W.
Calbick, J. A. A.
Calbock, Robert
Calcott, William
Calcutt, C. W. W.
Calder, John
Calder, ???
Calder, Robert
Calder, Brian
Calder, Alex
Calder, John H. H.
Calder, Albert
Calder, Donald 1867
Caldwell, A.
Caldwell, Donald G.
Caldwell, S. B.
Caldwell, Nikki
Caldwell, R.
Caldwell, James W.
Caldwell, Fred
Caldwell, ???
Caldwell, Homer H.
Caldwell, Howard E.
Calerno, Meldon
Calery, Gary J.
Caley, Len
Caley, Cecil
Caley, Leonard
Calhoun, B.
Calhoun, D.
Caliendo, Michael C. C.
Caligher, H. M.
Calkins, J.
Calkins, C. G.
Call, Earnest L. L.
Call, E C
Call, Richard
Call, Richard
Call, E. C.
Callagan, Phillip
Callaghan, Arthur
Callaghan, James
Callahan, J. F.
Callahan, Bruce
Callahan, Kenneth
Callahan, Joseph J.
Callahan, Joseph Daniel
Callahan, George W.
Callahan, John F.
Callahan, James
Callahan, J.
Callahan, John P.
Callahan, Jack
Callahan, Kenneth C.
Callahan, R.
Callahan, Michael
Callahan, Patrick
Callahan, Jack
Callahan, James
Callahan, G. W. W.
Callam, Walter W. W.
Callam, Walter W.
Callam, Alex C.
Callam, Alexander C. C.
Callan, J.
Callan, John
Callan, Michael
Calland, William H.
Callard, George
Callatham, Mrs. James
Callaway, William
Callendar, Nevis
Callery, R.
Callopy, Matthew
Calloway, Lonnie A.
Calloway, William
Calloway, ???
Calloway, Lon
Callum, Walter
Calo, Roy R.
Calvert, James
Calvesbert, J. G.
Calvin, J. D.
Calzada, Bernie dela
Camalick, Jeff J. J.
Cambell, R. A.
Cameron, J. C. C.
Cameron, M.
Cameron, R. A. A.
Cameron, Archy 1867
Cameron, Hugh M. M.
Cameron, A. G.
Cameron, Bruce
Cameron, Mal. C. C.
Cameron, J. B.
Cameron, Jack
Cameron, James
Cameron, John
Cameron, John H.
Cameron, M. C.
Cameron, M. J.
Cameron, Malcolm
Cameron, Malcolm C.
Cameron, Paul J.
Cameron, R.
Cameron, R. A.
Cameron, Robert
Cameron, Robert S.
Cameron, Roger A.
Cameron, Walter
Cameron, William
Cameron, J. A.
Cameron, J.
Cameron, George
Cameron, Angus J.
Cameron, Angus A.
Cameron, Allen
Cameron, A. J.
Cameron, A. C.
Cameron, A. B.
Cameron, A.
Cameron, ???
Cameron, Armand
Cameron, August
Cameron, G. P.
Cameron, Donald A.
Cameron, Donald
Cameron, David
Cameron, Bruce
Cameron, D. J.
Cameron Jr., Harold E.
Camizzi, Sal
Camlin, John
Camp, Mike
Camp, Rosemary
Campau, Thomas
Campau, W. H.
Campau, A.
Campau, Walter J. J.
Campau, William H. H.
Campau, Louis A. A.
Campbell, Oliver Mathew
Campbell, Neil
Campbell, Malcolm
Campbell, Martell J.
Campbell, Marvin E.
Campbell, Milford W.
Campbell, McKay
Campbell, P. M.
Campbell, Patrick
Campbell, William D.
Campbell, Willie
Campbell, William H.
Campbell, William L.
Campbell, WIlliam L.
Campbell, Peter
Campbell, M. R.
Campbell, M. J.
Campbell, J. H.
Campbell, J. William
Campbell, John
Campbell, John M.
Campbell, K.
Campbell, Kenneth C.
Campbell, Kenneth G.
Campbell, L.
Campbell, Leo
Campbell, Lloyd A.
Campbell, T.
Campbell, Lyle E.
Campbell, M.
Campbell, M. A.
Campbell, J. L. S.
Campbell, R. A.
Campbell, James M. M.
Campbell, Frank A. A.
Campbell, Stuart
Campbell, Willis R.
Campbell, Thomas
Campbell, William
Campbell, W. R.
Campbell, W. P.
Campbell, W. L.
Campbell, W. J.
Campbell, W. F.
Campbell, Alex
Campbell, Andrew
Campbell, Andrew
Campbell, W. C.
Campbell, W. S. S.
Campbell, Silas
Campbell, Royal
Campbell, R. E.
Campbell, Ransom A.
Campbell, Rebecca
Campbell, Robert E. E.
Campbell, Martell J. J.
Campbell, Thompson
Campbell, Richard A. A.
Campbell, Robert
Campbell, Dougal A. A.
Campbell, Thompson
Campbell, Peter W. W.
Campbell, John
Campbell, Robert H.
Campbell, Ross
Campbell, W.
Campbell, J. C.
Campbell, Bill
Campbell, A. W.
Campbell, A. H.
Campbell, A. G.
Campbell, Charles
Campbell, John
Campbell, Ross
Campbell, A. D.
Campbell, Charles C.
Campbell, Charles
Campbell, Alexander
Campbell, Charles F.
Campbell, Clarence
Campbell, Colin J.
Campbell, Curtis
Campbell, J. L.
Campbell, Neil
Campbell, B. G.
Campbell, Walter
Campbell, Black Pete
Campbell, Robert
Campbell, Andrew L.
Campbell, Allen W.
Campbell, Bob
Campbell, Allen G.
Campbell, Alex
Campbell, Al
Campbell, A. L. L.
Campbell, A. L.
Campbell, C. A.
Campbell, C. H.
Campbell, D.
Campbell, Hugh
Campbell, George W.
Campbell, George L.
Campbell, George
Campbell, Gene
Campbell, G. A.
Campbell, Frank
Campbell, F. W.
Campbell, Donald
Campbell, Gerold L.
Campbell, Glen
Campbell, Harvey
Campbell, Harry
Campbell, W. E. E.
Campbell, Duncan
Campbell, William B.
Campbell, Harold
Campbell, William C.
Campbell, H.
Campbell, Elmer A.
Campbell, ???
Campbell, A.
Campbell, D. E.
Campbell, Peter
Campbell, Dave
Campbell, David
Campbell, D. A.
Campbell, David L.
Campbell, Donald
Campbell, Dennis D.
Campbell Jr., P. D.
Campeau, Thomas
Campeau, Felix
Campeau, Evan
Campeau, Felix
Campeau, Joe
Campesi, Tony
Campion, Michael
Camps, Frank V.
Camsell, William
Camsell, William
Canally, James
Canan, J.
Canartney, M.
Canartney, Mike
Canartney, ???
Canartney, Micheal
Cancade, R.
Cancelt, Edward
Cancilla, Glenn
Cand, Tarsten W.
Candela, Steve
Candela, Joseph
Candler, R. G.
Candler, J. W.
Candler, Russell G.
Candler, Elburn
Candler, T. H.
Candler, Thomas E.
Candler, Wallace O.
Cane, William E.
Cane, William
Canfield, C. C. C.
Canfield, John 1874
Canfield, John
Canigg Jr., J. J.
Cannally, James T.
Cannally, James
Cannally, James T. T.
Cannell, Laura R. R.
Cannem, Samuel
Canniff, Patrick J. J.
Canniff, Joseph T. T.
Canning, H. R. J.
Cannon, Harold Melville
Cannon, John
Cannon, R. H.
Canonse, W.
Canough, G.
Canough, G. C.
Canough, Gordon
Cantin, Ernest
Canton, Phil
Canton, Philip
Canton, T.
Cantu, Bobby J.
Cantwell, John
Caouette, Real
Caparl, W.
Capek, Richard J. A.
Capel, Paul J. J.
Capling, L. E.
Capling, Leo E. E.
Cappello, Joseph D.
Cappello, Joseph
Cappola, William
Caprin, Orin
Capron, Marshall
Capron, Marshall
Capser, Michael S. S.
Capser, Michael S.
Caradice, W.
Cararl, W.
Carbeau, Delbert
Carboneau, J. P.
Carbonneau, J. P.
Card, Harley
Cardillo, M. J.
Cardin, S.
Cardin, Philippe
Cardin, Roger
Cardin, Sylvere
Cardreau, Clifford
Cardy, John
Careen, P. J.
Carefoot, William
Carefoot, William H.
Carefoot, W. H.
Carelton, E. E.
Carette, Edward
Carey, X
Carey, Charles
Carey, Fred G.
Carey, Lew
Carey, C.
Carey, George
Carey, James
Carey, Carrie Ann
Carey, J.
Carey, John C. C.
Carey, C. E. E.
Carey, Thomas
Carey, William A.
Carey, W. H.
Carey, Miss ???
Carey, Reginald
Carey, Robert
Carey, F. G.
Carey, Carl
Carey, Joseph A.
Carey, Robert G.
Carey, T. B.
Carey, John C.
Carey, Thomas
Carey, Tom
Carey, John
Carey, H. C.
Carick, William
Carico, J. W.
Carigan, Gaston
Carignan, Gaston
Carins, Otto
Carke, T.
Carl, Herman
Carl, R.
Carl, M.
Carland, Charles
Carlberg, Donald R. R.
Carle, Bill
Carle, William D. D.
Carle, Jim M.
Carlen, Carl
Carleson, O.
Carleton, E. E. E.
Carleton, Edmund E.
Carleton, James
Carley, Bert H.
Carley, J.
Carlin, T. M.
Carlin, A.
Carling, L. E.
Carlins, Joel M. M.
Carlisle, Theodore J. J.
Carlisle, C C
Carlisle, Colin C. C.
Carlisle, ???
Carlisle, A. W.
Carlisle, C. C.
Carlisle, J.
Carlisle, James
Carlisle, T. J.
Carlisle, Thomas J.
Carlisle, William
Carlisle, Alan
Carlos, John
Carlos, W. S.
Carlos, William
Carloss, W. J.
Carloss, Frank J.
Carloss, William
Carloss, William S.
Carloss, W. S.
Carloss, W. S. S.
Carlsen, A. S.
Carlsen, Emil
Carlsen, Carl
Carlsen, G.
Carlsen, Henry
Carlsen, A.
Carlsen, Knut
Carlsen, Peter
Carlsen, R.
Carlsen, E.
Carlson, John
Carlson, John H.
Carlson, Jimmy
Carlson, John V.
Carlson, J. E.
Carlson, J.
Carlson, Herb
Carlson, Walter C.
Carlson, George
Carlson, Gustave
Carlson, Guttorm
Carlson, H.
Carlson, Michael A.
Carlson, Harry
Carlson, Michael J.
Carlson, Henry A.
Carlson, A. S. S.
Carlson, Knute
Carlson, Kenneth
Carlson, Knut
Carlson, L. M.
Carlson, Roy A.
Carlson, Roy
Carlson, Ronald
Carlson, Robert C.
Carlson, R. V.
Carlson, P. C.
Carlson, P.
Carlson, Oscar K.
Carlson, Russell
Carlson, Sherwood G.
Carlson, T.
Carlson, Larry
Carlson, Carl
Carlson, John H. H. 1960
Carlson, Ole
Carlson, Mark J.
Carlson, Axel W.
Carlson, Jack
Carlson, Walter A.
Carlson, Oscar
Carlson, G. W.
Carlson, Martin
Carlson, Cameron
Carlson, Carl
Carlson, Carl H.
Carlson, Charles
Carlson, Carl H. H.
Carlson, Donald G.
Carlson, Doug
Carlson, Duane A.
Carlson, Duke
Carlson, David
Carlson, C. H.
Carlson, C. C.
Carlson, C.
Carlson, Gustaf E. E.
Carlson, William A. A.
Carlson, A.
Carlson, A. A.
Carlson, A. S.
Carlson, Alexander
Carlson, Andrew H.
Carlson, August
Carlson, Axel
Carlson, Bror
Carlson, John C. C.
Carlson, G.
Carlson, Edward L.
Carlson, George
Carlson, Ed
Carlson, Axel H. H.
Carlson, Edwin N.
Carlson, Earl T.
Carlson, Elmer
Carlson, Henry
Carlson, Eugene C.
Carlson, Edward
Carlson, F.
Carlson, Francis
Carlson, Fred H.
Carlson, Frank
Carlson, Frank A.
Carlson, Fred
Carlson, G. A. A.
Carlton, Edward E.
Carlton, Duane H.
Carlton, Leo B.
Carlton, E. E. E.
Carlyle, ???
Carman, Bob
Carmean, Durwood
Carmer, William T.
Carmer, W. T.
Carmichael, P O
Carmichael, B. O. O.
Carmichael, John
Carmichael, Edward K.
Carmichael, B O
Carmichael, ???
Carmichael, Charles
Carmichael, Byron O.
Carmien, Bruce
Carmine, C. G.
Carmody, J. R.
Carmody, John R. R.
Carmody, Robert
Carmody, Cornelius
Carmody, J R
Carmody, Robert M.
Carmody, Edward
Carmody, E.
Carmody, William
Carmody, Robert P.
Carnegia, H. H.
Carnegie, Ross
Carnegie, J. G.
Carnegie, John A.
Carnegie, R.
Carnegie, R. H.
Carnegie, Ross W.
Carnegie, Roy P.
Carnegie, F. T. T.
Carnegie, Dick
Carnegie, B. A.
Carnegie, R. D.
Carnegie, R. H. H.
Carnesto, Joseph
Carney, James
Carney, M. L.
Carney, Thomas J. J.
Carney, W.
Carney, Neil
Carney, Thomas
Carney, P. I.
Carney, T. W.
Carney, Richard
Carney, J.
Carney, Fred
Carney, Albert L. L.
Carney, James
Carney, Thomas J.
Carney, A. L.
Carney, Ed
Carnley, Donald J.
Carns, Donald J. J.
Carns, Edward
Carns, Edward
Caro, Edward
Carobin, Steve
Carobin, S. J.
Carol, J.
Carolan, Joseph
Carolan, William
Carolan, Joseph
Carollo, Joseph H. H.
Carollo, Joseph H.
Carollo, Joseph
Caron, J.
Caron, Y.
Caron, J. P.
Caron, I.
Caron, Henry
Caron, H.
Caron, George
Caron, I. L.
Caron, G.
Caron, Yvan
Caron, A.
Caron, Albert
Caron, C.
Caron, C. A.
Caron, R.
Caron Sr., George
Carow, Samuel
Carow, Samuel A.
Carow, S. A. A.
Carpenter, W. H. H.
Carpenter, Murray
Carpenter, Laurence
Carpenter, Lansing
Carpenter, Lafayette
Carpenter, L. H.
Carpenter, L. C.
Carpenter, L.
Carpenter, P.
Carpenter, P. J.
Carpenter, Paul
Carpenter, Wilford R.
Carpenter, W.
Carpenter, Jerry
Carpenter, W,
Carpenter, T. W.
Carpenter, T. G.
Carpenter, Peter
Carpenter, Wellington
Carpenter, Kenneth
Carpenter, Edward
Carpenter, E.
Carpenter, A. M.
Carpenter, A. K.
Carpenter, A. D. M.
Carpenter, ???
Carpenter, Harry L. L.
Carpenter, Robert A. A.
Carpenter, Harry L.
Carpenter, E. M.
Carpenter, Ed.
Carpenter, J. H.
Carpenter, Howard
Carpenter, Francis
Carpenter, James
Carpentier, W.
Carpentier, Albert
Carpentier, P.
Carpentier, Lawrence
Carpentier, George
Carpentier, A.
Carr, James C.
Carr, John R.
Carr, L. C.
Carr, James
Carr, Jack
Carr, William H. H.
Carr, J. J.
Carr, George
Carr, Harry
Carr, J.
Carr, J. H.
Carr, J. C.
Carr, Lloyd
Carr, Maurice
Carr, Michael
Carr, W. E.
Carr, Thomas J.
Carr, Whitney
Carr, Thomas F.
Carr, Wilson
Carr, Thomas
Carr, William H.
Carr, Steven
Carr, Stephen
Carr, P. J.
Carr, James
Carr, William F.
Carr, Frank M.
Carr, John
Carr, Allan K.
Carr, Albert
Carr, A.
Carr, Robert G. G.
Carr, ???
Carr, James J. J.
Carr, James H.
Carr, James
Carr, Whitney
Carr, Robert G. G.
Carr, Bob
Carr, Thomas F. F.
Carr, C.
Carr, Edward
Carr, Earl
Carr, John R. R.
Carr, E. H.
Carr, E.
Carr, Donald
Carr, C. G.
Carr, D. W.
Carr, Charles
Carr, Calvin
Carr Jr., Robert G.
Carradice, Thomas
Carraway, James
Carre, W.
Carre, Marcel
Carre, J.
Carre, Henri
Carre, G.
Carre, P.
Carre, A.
Carre, J. H.
Carre, V.
Carre, Jean-Marc
Carren, J.
Carrick, William
Carridice, William
Carrie, Thomas
Carrie, T. G.
Carrier, J. L.
Carrier, L. Maurice
Carrier, David
Carrier, D.
Carrier, A.
Carrier, David C. C.
Carriere, Charles E. E.
Carriere, Delor
Carrigan, Mary
Carrigan, J. W. W.
Carrigan, Joseph
Carrigan, F.
Carrigan, Joseph W.
Carrigg, John
Carrington, E. T.
Carriveau, Leon
Carroll, James
Carroll, Frank A.
Carroll, J. J.
Carroll, Fred
Carroll, J. H.
Carroll, George
Carroll, Edgar S.
Carroll, W.
Carroll, James A.
Carroll, James M.
Carroll, Jerry
Carroll, Andrew
Carroll, William R.
Carroll, William
Carroll, Dennis
Carroll, Robert
Carroll, Bill
Carroll, ???
Carroll, Andrew
Carroll, C.
Carroll, C. B.
Carroll, C. C.
Carroll, C. B. B.
Carroll, David L.
Carroll, Charles
Carrothers, Steven M. M.
Carrow, L. A.
Carrus, William
Carruthers, George
Carruthers, Charles H.
Carruthers, J.
Carry, ???
Carscadden, Bert M.
Carsel, John
Carsey, Frank
Carson, George
Carson, Lee C. C.
Carson, William
Carson, W.
Carson, Tom J.
Carson, Robert L.
Carson, John A.
Carson, Jeffrey R.
Carson, J.
Carson, ???
Carson, A. J.
Carson, G.
Carson, George R.
Carson, William G. G.
Carson, H.
Carson, William
Carson, G. J. J.
Carson, T.
Carsten, Charles
Carstens, Charles
Carstens, William
Carstens, Charles H.
Carstensen, Jr., Andrew P. P.
Carswell, Marshall N.
Carswell, I. R. R.
Cart, Charles
Carter, Louis E.
Carter, Matthew
Carter, R. A.
Carter, L. A.
Carter, George J.
Carter, John W.
Carter, John D.
Carter, George J. J.
Carter, L. A. A.
Carter, Jerry
Carter, James
Carter, J. C.
Carter, R. C.
Carter, R. F.
Carter, Raymond T.
Carter, William J. J.
Carter, W. W.
Carter, William S.
Carter, William J.
Carter, Sheldon R.
Carter, W.
Carter, W. A.
Carter, Tony
Carter, Sam
Carter, S.
Carter, Roy
Carter, William
Carter, Stephen
Carter, Iver
Carter, Donald F.
Carter, D.
Carter, Andrew
Carter, Ray T. T.
Carter, Alonzo
Carter, A. F.
Carter, A.
Carter, ???
Carter, Ed A.
Carter, Edward A.
Carter, Horace B.
Carter, Horace A.
Carter, Horace
Carter, Henry
Carter, H.
Carter, Rev. Guy C. C.
Carter, George
Carter, Frank M.
Cartier, Frank
Cartier, G.
Cartier, George J.
Cartier, Henry J.
Cartier, Homer J.
Cartier, Jerry
Cartier, R.
Cartier, Rosaire
Cartier, Kenneth
Cartwright, Charles
Cartwright, D.
Cartwright, D. L.
Cartwright, George H.
Cartwright, Peter
Cartwright, Peter M.
Cartwright, Daniel L.
Cartwright, George
Cartwright, Walter
Cartwright, Oscar
Cartwright, Peter
Cartwright, D. L. L.
Carty, T.
Carty, Casey
Carus, Edward
Carus, Edward
Carusos, Angel
Carver, John
Carver, Russell F.
Carver, D.
Cary, Bill
Caryl, Mary
Cas, C. S.
Casault, E.
Casavan, Gilbert
Cascadden, Albert
Cascadden, Bert
Cascadden, F. A.
Cascadden, Fred
Cascadden, A. B.
Cascadden, Harry
Cascanette, E. J.
Cascanette, E.
Case, Jack C. C.
Case, C. C.
Case, N. L. L.
Case, Jack
Case, E. M. M.
Case, John W.
Case, W. Craig
Case, L.
Case, George 1867
Case, J. M. M.
Case, G. W.
Casey, John
Casey, James M.
Casey, J.
Casey, Victor
Casey, N.
Casey, Joseph M.
Casey, Leo F.
Casey, V.
Casey, Kate
Casey, Thomas
Casey, Henry
Casey, Henry
Casey, George
Casey, Edward D.
Casey, ???
Caseyfell, C. A.
Cash, ???
Cashman, William J.
Cashmere, G. W.
Casity, Tony
Casper, William
Casper, Elmer
Casper, Jamie
Cass, William J.
Cassabaum, George W.
Cassady, Henry
Cassel, R.
Cassell, Howard A.
Casselman, Charles
Cassetts, Clem
Cassidy, John
Cassidy, James
Cassidy, J. F.
Cassidy, J. A.
Cassidy, Glen G.
Cassidy, E. R.
Cassidy, Benjamin F.
Cassidy, B.
Cassidy, J.
Cassidy, E. R. R.
Cassillo, Carmen
Cassin, John J.
Cassin, James
Cassin, J. J.
Cassin, James
Cassin, Josue
Cassin, J. J. J.
Cassity, C. G.
Casson, Adam
Casstles, William N.
Casstles, W. C.
Castel, C.
Caster, George
Castillo, Leslie
Castis, George
Castle, Charles
Castle, F. A.
Castle, James C.
Castle, J. J.
Castle, Christopher O.
Castle, E. C.
Castle, C.
Casto, Dwain
Casto, Dwaine O.
Castro, Ruben
Casualt, J. E.
Caswell, William W.
Caswell, Ambrose
Caswell, ???
Casy, Henry
Catalano, Joseph
Cater, George
Cater, Frank
Catinus, W. A.
Catley, L.
Catlin, Kenneth E.
Catlin, Eugene
Catlin, Allen A.
Catmen, S. A.
Caton, John
Caton, R.
Cattanach, Charles
Cattoni, A.
Caudle, Bob
Cauffield, Jane H. H.
Cauffield, L. Wood
Caufield, J. M.
Caufield, M.
Caughall, Charles
Caughel, Roy
Caughell, Charles W.
Caughell, James B.
Caughell, Roy C.
Caughell, R. C. C.
Caughell, Charles W. W.
Caughell, L. W.
Caughell, J B
Caughell, William
Caughell, Vergie
Caughill, Charles
Caughlin, J.
Caughlin, Michael
Caughwell, Roy C
Caughwell, Roy G
Caul, John
Caulfield, Jerome
Caulfield, J. J.
Caulkeet, W.
Caulkett, William
Caulkins, Henry L.
Caulkins, Ralph S.
Causley, A. A. A. 1911
Causly, Archie
Cautin, Ernest
Cavanagh, J.
Cavanagh, C.
Cavanagh, Pat
Cavanagh, J. A.
Cavanaugh, Jeremiah
Cavanaugh, Jimmy
Cavanaugh, James J.
Cavanaugh, John F.
Cavanaugh, John Felix
Cavanaugh, Peter
Cavanaugh, William M.
Cavanaugh, James
Cavanaugh, J. V.
Cavanaugh, J. F. F.
Cavanaugh, J. V. V.
Cavanaugh, Arthur
Cavanaugh, Arthur S.
Cavanaugh, Bill
Cavanaugh, Edward
Cavanaugh, J.
Cavanaugh Sr., James
Cavarley, William
Cave, John
Cave, Michael
Caverly, ???
Cavers, William
Cavers, William
Caviness, Pearl
Cavnaugh, Walter
Cavors, William
Cawereth, John
Cawther, Charles
Cawthra, Charles E.
Cayen, John
Cayer, Gaston
Caza, Henry
Caza, L. H.
Caza, Henry
Cazallis, Raymond
Cazallis, R.
Cazellis, Raymond
Cazza, A.
Ceazer, Joe
Cebula, Joseph
Cecewski, Albert
Cederholm, William
Ceglia, Lawrence C. C.
Celmer, John A.
Celtna, J.
Cemieux, Romeo
Centala, R.
Ceppi, Arthur M.
Cere, Philias
Cerf, Marc
Cerny, Peter F.
Cerow, H. J.
Cerow, Henry L.
Cervo, Larry A.
Cesari, D.
Ceurriat, R.
Ceyrolles, E.
Cezel, A.
Chabot, Aurele
Chabot, Jeffrey
Chabot, Owen
Chabot, Thomas
Chace, Clarence
Chacklick, George
Chadwick, M.
Chadwick, ???
Chadwick, G. M.
Chadwick, H G
Chadwick, M. E.
Chadwick, P.
Chadwick, Robert
Chadwick, G. W.
Chafe, Clarence
Chaffe, Clasen
Chaffey, John
Chaffin, J.
Chagnon, Roger E.
Chain, William H. H.
Chain, William
Chaine, L.
Chalcraft, Frederick L.
Chalcraft, Fred L. L.
Chalem, Ben
Chalk, Michael
Chalk, Henry
Chalk, Henry
Chalkley, William
Challons, R.
Chalmers, ???
Chalmers, A.
Chalmers, W.
Chalmers, A. P.
Chalmers, Robert
Chalmers, C. F.
Chalmers, Albert H.
Chamber, John M. M.
Chamberelain, W. J.
Chamberlain, C. H.
Chamberlain, S.
Chamberlain, ???
Chamberlain, Sam R.
Chamberlain, Victor
Chamberlain, W. B.
Chamberlain, William
Chamberlain, William B.
Chamberlain, R.
Chamberlain, Myron K.
Chamberlain, Luther
Chamberlain, G. Victor
Chamberlain, Fred
Chamberlain, E. J.
Chamberlain, David L.
Chamberlain, C.
Chamberlain, Calvin
Chamberlain, B. C.
Chamberlain, William
Chamberlain, Fred
Chamberlain, C. H. H.
Chamberlain, Howard
Chamberlain, H. K. K.
Chamberlain, G. Victor
Chamberlain, William B. B.
Chamberlain, M K
Chamberlain, M. K. K.
Chamberlain, Felix
Chamberlain, S. R. R.
Chamberlain Jr., William
Chamberlain Sr., William
Chamberland, George
Chamberlin, F.
Chamberlin, S.
Chamberlin, F. D.
Chamberlin, Percy
Chamberlin, John
Chamberlin, F. E.
Chamberlin, Henry L.
Chamberlin, C.
Chamberlin, Myron
Chamberlin, F. D. D.
Chamberlin, M. K. K.
Chamberlin, William J. J.
Chambers, W. P.
Chambers, Charles
Chambers, D.
Chambers, David
Chambers, G.
Chambers, George C.
Chambers, George L.
Chambers, H.
Chambers, Homer
Chambers, A. L. L.
Chambers, Bradley
Chambers, Alfred P.
Chambers, Ray
Chambers, David A. A.
Chambers, George C. C.
Chambers, J. N. N.
Chambers, Alfred P. P.
Chambers, A. J. J.
Chambers, A. J.
Chambers, A. L.
Chambers, A. P.
Chambers, John M.
Chambers, Martin P.
Chambers, Thomas
Chambers, Violet
Chambers, Virgil D.
Chambers, W.
Chambers, W. E.
Chambers, Walter
Chambers, William
Chambers, William P.
Chambers, Alex.
Chambers, P
Chambers, Ray L.
Chambers, John N.
Chambers, Keith
Chambers, J. B.
Chambers, Leslie E.
Chambers, Martin
Chambers, George C
Chambers, Merwin
Chambers, R.
Chambers, Neil
Chambers, Patrick
Chambes, W.
Chambron, James
Champagne, R.
Champagne, R.
Champagne, P.
Champaigne, Vester
Champeau, Oliver Joseph
Champion, Paul E. E.
Champion, Paul
Champlain, Zeno
Champney, C J
Champney, J J
Champney, Claud J. J.
Champney, Claude J.
Champney, J. J.
Champt, Remy
Chan, William
Chance, David
Chance, Von D.
Chance, Wadus W.
Chandler, John F. F.
Chandler, F. H. H.
Chandler, Rod
Chandler, John F.
Chandler, J. W.
Chandler, F. H.
Chandler, E.
Chandler, Delmer E.
Chandonnet, G. J.
Chandonnet, Rosaire
Chang, William Lt.
Change, Joseph
Chant, A.
Chapdelaine, E.
Chapdelaine, Lucien
Chapdelaine, F.
Chapdeleine, E.
Chapdeleine, ???
Chape, Clarence
Chapiesky, John
Chapin, John C
Chapin, Jack
Chapin, W. H.
Chapin, Elmer E.
Chapin, Stanley L.
Chapman, Richard E.
Chapman, R. E.
Chapman, E.
Chapman, R. A. A.
Chapman, Kenny
Chapman, Kenney
Chapman, Ryan
Chapman, S. A.
Chapman, Stewart
Chapman, T.
Chapman, W.
Chapman, C. B. B.
Chapman, A. C. C.
Chapman, W. O.
Chapman, Simeon
Chapman, John W.
Chapman, John D.
Chapman, John
Chapman, A.
Chapman, ???
Chapman, A. C.
Chapman, Ed
Chapman, Andrew
Chapman, Bert
Chapman, C.
Chapman, C. H.
Chapman, Charles
Chapman, J. N.
Chapman, Harold
Chapman, Frank
Chapman, Edgar
Chapman, E. C.
Chapman, E.
Chapman, Clyde
Chappe, Clarence
Chappell, Samuel
Chappelle, R. H.
Chapple, Steve
Chaput, Ed
Chaput, Don
Charbonneau, J. J.
Charbonneau, W.
Charbonneau, William
Charbonneau, Hector
Charbonneau, Mario
Charbonneau, A.
Charbonneau, Alf.
Charbonneau, Earl J. J.
Charbonneaux, W.
Chard, William
Charette, Fred
Charette, Marvin
Charette, Edward
Charland, P.
Charland, H.
Charland, D.
Charland, D.
Charlebois, G. J.
Charlebois, E. M.
Charlebois, E. M. M.
Charlebois Jr., Arsene
Charlebois Sr., Arsene
Charles, Michael
Charles, Isadore
Charles, R. G.
Charles, Joseph T. T.
Charleston, George
Charlestown, Vanner
Charlesworth, C.
Charlesworth, C. J.
Charleton, William H.
Charlevoiz, John
Charlton, George H.
Charlton, George
Charlton, Harry
Charlton, Gary
Charlton, W.
Charlton, W. A.
Charlton, W. C.
Charlton, W. J.
Charlton, John
Charlton, H.
Charmack, J.
Charman, William
Charmock, John
Charnley, C.
Charon, Edward
Charrier, L.
Charron, H. F.
Chartel, R.
Charter, Robert
Charters, G. W.
Charters, Otto
Charters, Robert
Charters, L.
Chartier, Francis A.
Chartier, Victor
Chartier, Barney
Chartier, Bernard
Chartier, William C.
Chartier, V.
Chartier, J.
Chartier, Charles
Chartier, Tancrede
Chartier, T.
Chartier, P.
Chartier, Noe.
Chartier, M.
Chartran, J.
Chartrau, Joseph
Chartre, Alphonse
Chase, James W. W.
Chase, Thomas P.
Chase, Stuart
Chase, Samuel
Chase, J. J.
Chase, James L.
Chase, Eric
Chase, James
Chase, G. R.
Chase, Martin
Chase, Holden
Chase, M. C.
Chase, M. J.
Chase, ???
Chasey, N.
Chassay, Frederic
Chasse, Emil
Chateau, Ed
Chateau, Ralph
Chateau, Ralph
Chatel, O.
Chatel, R.
Chatel, M.
Chatel, M.
Chatel, R.
Chatel, Raouel
Chatel, O.
Chateu, Ralph
Chatham, ???
Chatman, Henry
Chatterton, C. B. B.
Chatterton, J.
Chatterton, Cornelius B.
Chatterton, Steve
Chatterton, Neil
Chatwell, L. H.
Chatwell, D. F.
Chaudhary, A.
Chaulk, Wade
Chaulk, Ralph
Chaulk, Vera
Chavalia, Otto
Chavalier, R.
Chayer, A.
Chayer, A. G.
Chaykin, Albert
Chayne, Raymond
Check, Jack I.
Cheehe, William
Cheeseman, Clayton B.
Cheeseman, Harry
Cheesman, Kenneth
Cheever, Harry B.
Cheliyan, Kthiresu
Chemock, John
Chenard, Henri
Chene, G.
Chenel, A.
Chenette, T. E.
Cheney, T. A. A.
Cheney, Benham G. G.
Cheney, Clifford L.
Cheney, O. W.
Cheney, Emerson D.
Cheney, W. P.
Cheney, B. D.
Cheney, Emerson D. D.
Chenier, Peter
Chepeau, N.
Chercotte, Ed.
Cherney, Raymond E. E.
Cherney, Ray
Chernick, Katerine
Cherry, P. J. J.
Cherry, John
Cherry, William
Cherry, Rudd E.
Cherry, P. J.
Cherry, ???
Cherry, John
Cherry, Carl
Cherry, F.
Cherry, Budd
Cherup, Glenn G. G.
Cherup, Gordon
Chesbro, Charles
Chesebro, ???
Chesky, Allen Ray
Chesky, Allen R. R.
Chesney, Gregory P.
Chessels, Fred
Chester, F. B.
Chester, Fred
Chester, L. J.
Chester, Henry
Chestnut, Andrew
Chestnut, Andrew 1880
Chestnut, James
Chestnut, Robert
Chestnut, Ken
Chestnut, James
Chestnut, Henry
Chestnut Jr., Robert
Chetley, R. W.
Chetney, Charles
Chetney, Charles
Chevalier, J.
Chevanelle, Frank
Cheveier, A.
Chevier, D.
Chevrier, N.
Chevrier, P.
Chevrier, M.
Chevrier, L.
Chevrier, D.
Chevrier, Adelard
Chevrier, A.
Cheyne, James G.
Chiasson, P. E.
Chibola, Stephen
Chichester, Egbert
Chickonoski, A. J. J.
Chickonoski, Alzie J.
Chidester, John
Chidester, Egbert
Chidester, John
Chikoski, C.
Chilboa, Steve
Chilbola, Steve
Chilcote, ???
Childs, George C.
Childs, George G.
Childs, R. F.
Childs, George
Childs, Argo A.
Childs, ???
Childs, George
Chill, Roger H.
Chiller, William
Chilson, Frank B.
Chilson, Edgar D. D.
Chilson, Francis J.
Chilson, Scott
Chilson, W. E.
Chilson, Willis E.
Chilson, F. B.
Chilson, F.
Chilson, Ed
Chilson, Frank B. B.
Chilson, E. D.
Chilson, W. E. E.
Chilson, D. E.
Chilson, Charles E.
Chilvers, Tom
Chilvers, Thomas
Chingo, William
Chinnock, Charles R. R.
Chinnock, N. L.
Chinoy, Walter
Chio, Daniel W. W.
Chipman, Alonzo
Chipman, Willard
Chipman, W.
Chipman, J. A.
Chipman, George Perkins
Chipman, George
Chipman, G. P.
Chipman, G.
Chipman, Daniel W.
Chipman Jr., Daniel W.
Chipmans, W.
Chippett, Sandy
Chirnside, R. P.
Chisholm, H.
Chisholm, Harry
Chisholm, S.
Chisholm, Steve
Chisholm, T. R.
Chisholm, W.
Chisholm, G. B.
Chisholm, Fred
Chisholm, F.
Chisholm, Donald
Chisholm, ???
Chitroske, C.
Chiuski, A.
Chlancy, Gerald
Chmiel, Edward J.
Chmielewski, Paul
Chmielewski, Vernon P. P.
Chmielewski, Harry J.
Choat, Dallas
Choitz, Arthur
Chojna, Stephen
Chojnaki, Vinceslaus W.
Chokan, Sr., Richard T. T.
Chokluk, Gregory
Chomniak, John M. M.
Chopin, Harry
Choquette, Robert
Chorbolik, Stanley E. E.
Chord, E.
Chorel, E.
Chorel, J. A.
Chorel, A.
Chorel, Edward
Chorel, F.
Chorel, E. Charles
Chorkey, Alan
Chouinard, G. L.
Chouinard, J. H.
Chouinard, L. G.
Chouinard, Simon
Chouinard, Francois
Chouinard, Charles
Chouinard, A.
Chovinard, F.
Chowen, V
Chowen, Victor W.
Chowen, Victor W. W.
Chrenka, Allan P. P.
Chrenka, Allan
Chretien, W.
Chretien, J. A. W.
Chretien, J.
Chretine, J. W.
Chrevrier, P.
Chrie, E.
Chrietiansen, Conrad
Chriistianson, Arn
Christansen, O.
Christansen, George
Christen, Bryce W.
Christen, Emil P.
Christen, Emil
Christensen, Eric
Christensen, H. E.
Christensen, Hans
Christensen, John
Christensen, Leslie G.
Christensen, Peter
Christensen, Richard
Christensen, T.
Christensen, Robert S. S.
Christensen, C. S. S.
Christensen, Olaf
Christensen, G. W.
Christensen, Eugene C.
Christensen, Anton
Christensen, A.
Christensen, ???
Christensen, Bill
Christensen, C.
Christensen, Asmund L. L.
Christensen, John
Christensen, C. H.
Christensen, Anton
Christensen, Carl M.
Christensen, C. M. M.
Christensen, A. L.
Christenson, Peter
Christenson, T.
Christenson, S.
Christenson, H.
Christenson, M. A. A.
Christenson, A. C.
Christenson, Charles
Christenson, Chester
Christenson, Christ
Christenson, J.
Christerforsen, Sam
Christian, Thomas
Christian, Rich
Christian, ???
Christian, Lillian A.
Christian, George
Christiansen, Nils
Christiansen, O.
Christiansen, T.
Christiansen, Martin
Christiansen, Leslie
Christiansen, John
Christiansen, J.
Christiansen, Oscar
Christiansen, Otto
Christiansen, Otto E.
Christiansen, P. C.
Christiansen, William
Christiansen, William H. H.
Christiansen, Pete
Christiansen, Peter
Christiansen, George W. W.
Christiansen, H. E.
Christiansen, Gary A.
Christiansen, Cso
Christiansen, J
Christiansen, C M
Christiansen, O M
Christiansen, A. C.
Christiansen, Arthur
Christiansen, Asmund L.
Christiansen, C. E.
Christiansen, C. M.
Christiansen, C. O.
Christiansen, C. S. O.
Christiansen, Eugene C.
Christiansen, Eli
Christiansen, Conrad
Christiansen, Christ
Christianson, Christian
Christianson, Con
Christianson, L. Marshall
Christianson, Thomas
Christianson, Christan
Christianson, Chris
Christianson, Arn
Christianson, Peter
Christianson, John M. M.
Christianson, A.
Christianson, A. C.
Christie, D. B. B.
Christie, T. S. S.
Christie, Walter J.
Christie, T. S.
Christie, Martin
Christie, John H.
Christie, James
Christie, Duncan B.
Christie, Charles
Christie, Charles
Christie, J. H. H.
Christie, ???
Christie Jr., Claude
Christiensen, P.
Christiensen, H. E.
Christiensen, C. M.
Christinson, Christ
Christison, James
Christofferson, Curtis
Christopher, Samuel
Christopher, M.
Christopher, Charles
Christopher, Thomas
Christopher, Anthony J.
Christopher, Samuel
Christopher, M.
Christopher, Sam
Christophersen, M.
Christopherson, Albert C.
Christopherson, Carl M.
Christopherson, A.
Christopherson, C
Christopherson, A.
Christopherson, C.
Christy, Martin
Christy, Charles
Christy, Thomas E.
Christy, M.
Christy, Kernol
Christy, Dickson Leslie
Christy, Charles W.
Christy, Martin
Christy, ???
Christy, Charles
Chroan, Thomas
Chrobak, Joseph R. R.
Chrobak, J R
Chrobak, Joe R.
Chroniger, Ernest
Chrysler, Walter P. P.
Chrysler, P. G.
Chrysler, ???
Chrysler, Bill
Chrysler, Patrick
Chrysler, W. E.
Chrysler, W. P.
Chrysler, William
Chrystal, Ralph G.
Chrystal, Ralph G. G.
Chubb, Stanley
Chubb, George
Chudecki, Robert
Chudzia, Edward W.
Chuhay, Rose
Church, R. F.
Church, R. A.
Church, R.
Church, F. T. T.
Church, Stewart H.
Church, A. T. T.
Church, A.
Church, Hon. Thos.
Church, A. T. T.
Church, P. T. T.
Church, R.
Church, A. T. T.
Church, E.
Church, Nolan Frank
Church, N.
Church, ???
Church, C.
Church, C. J.
Church, Charles J.
Church, Clayton
Church, Ebenezer
Church, Frank
Church, Hector
Church, James
Church, Jason
Church, Jesse
Church, John B.
Church, Joseph
Churcher, Percy
Churcher, Ransford
Churchill, M. F.
Churchill, Warner A.
Churchill, Thomas
Churchill, R. C.
Churchill, W.
Churchill, P. Scott
Churchill, John
Churchwell, Spencer
Churcott, David
Churill, William J. J.
Churill, Keith W. W.
Churill, Jeffery
Chyna, Douglas
Ciambella, Peter D. D.
Ciambella, Carmen L. L.
Ciannon, A.
Cicero, George
Cicero, Frank
Cicero, Frank E. E.
Ciche, A. J.
Ciesielski, Joseph
Cieslinski, R.
Cifelli, Leonard
Cilimberg, Lee
Cilimburg, Lee
Cilimburg, Ray
Cimon, Marc J.
Cimon, Mark J.
Cimon, Michel
Cinciarelli, Alexander
Cinker, Steven
Claason, Carl
Clague, W
Clague, W.
Clague, J E
Clague, John E. E.
Clague, John E.
Clairmont, Frank
Clak, George
Clampet, Gratton
Clancey, James
Clancey, William
Clancy, Gerald
Clancy, John
Clancy, William
Clancy, R. M.
Clancy, J. P.
Clannon, A.
Clanton, Vernon
Clapp, Gerald L.
Clapp, J. H. H.
Clapp, Daniel A.
Clapp, J. H.
Clapp, James
Clapp, Lawrence F.
Clapp, Robert C.
Clapsadl, F. J.
Clapsadl, C. F.
Clare, James
Claremont, Frank
Clark, Sherman L.
Clark, L. Jackson
Clark, P. H.
Clark, Lafayette Jackson
Clark, Kenneth
Clark, Lafayette
Clark, K. C.
Clark, John W.
Clark, Larry
Clark, Linda
Clark, Lloyd
Clark, M.
Clark, M. C.
Clark, M. H.
Clark, Major S. N.
Clark, Mervin
Clark, Morgan E.
Clark, Peter
Clark, Thomas
Clark, U. C. M.
Clark, W.
Clark, W. E.
Clark, W. J.
Clark, W. M.
Clark, W. R.
Clark, Walter C.
Clark, William
Clark, William A.
Clark, William E.
Clark, Terry
Clark, T. K.
Clark, R.
Clark, R. C.
Clark, R. G.
Clark, R. W.
Clark, Reed
Clark, Robert A.
Clark, Robert W.
Clark, Roy L.
Clark, Spencer
Clark, Stirling
Clark, T. E.
Clark, William J.
Clark, Willis B.
Clark, Charles
Clark, Charles E.
Clark, Charles T.
Clark, Clem
Clark, Clement
Clark, Daniel R.
Clark, David
Clark, David R.
Clark, Donald W.
Clark, E. T.
Clark, Earl B.
Clark, C. B.
Clark, C.
Clark, Bill
Clark, ???
Clark, A.
Clark, A. G.
Clark, A. Y.
Clark, Alexander
Clark, Alfred J.
Clark, Allan G.
Clark, Allen H.
Clark, Andrew
Clark, Arthur
Clark, Bernard F.
Clark, Edward
Clark, Edward H.
Clark, J. H.
Clark, J. L.
Clark, J. M.
Clark, J. P.
Clark, J. R.
Clark, J. W.
Clark, James
Clark, James R.
Clark, John C.
Clark, John H.
Clark, John Hope
Clark, J. E.
Clark, J. B.
Clark, J.
Clark, Eliza
Clark, F. W.
Clark, G.
Clark, Gene S.
Clark, George
Clark, George B.
Clark, George W.
Clark, H.
Clark, H. H.
Clark, Harley A.
Clark, Harry
Clark, John Patrick
Clark, John H. H.
Clark, John C. C.
Clark, M. H. H.
Clark, Lewis
Clark, J.
Clark, T E. E.
Clark, P.
Clark, A. G. G.
Clark, Marc J. J.
Clark, Robert W. W.
Clark, F. B. B.
Clark, Myron W. W.
Clark, William
Clark, J. B. B.
Clark, John
Clark, C.
Clark, Fred W. W.
Clark, Charles T. T.
Clark, John A. A.
Clark, Hugh
Clark, Alexander
Clark, Stirling
Clark, John
Clark, Alexander A. A.
Clark, George
Clark, Mrs. M.
Clark, E. N. N.
Clarke, Samuel L.
Clarke, Albert
Clarke, Charles
Clarke, Scott
Clarke, Alex.
Clarke, William E. E.
Clarke, W. E.
Clarke, Stirling
Clarke, T.
Clarke, James M. M.
Clarke, Lieut. J. C. C.
Clarke, J. A. A.
Clarke, J. S. S.
Clarke, Mark W. W.
Clarke, George W.
Clarke, George H. H.
Clarke, H.
Clarke, William A. A.
Clarke, Jos. E. E.
Clarke, A. H.
Clarke, I. Morley
Clarke, S. S.
Clarke, S. D.
Clarke, Alexander A.
Clarke, J. H.
Clarke, J. C.
Clarke, J. A.
Clarke, J.
Clarke, Harry J.
Clarke, George H.
Clarke, George
Clarke, G. W.
Clarke, Edward
Clarke, Charles
Clarke, C.
Clarke, Angus
Clarke, Alfred J.
Clarke, J. M.
Clarke, Maxwell
Clarke, John C.
Clarke, M. E.
Clarke, Mark
Clarke, John R.
Clarke, James
Clarke, R. L.
Clarke, Raymond
Clarke, Russell
Clarke, S.
Clarke, J. W.
Clarke, Lorne
Clarkson, Richard
Clarkson, G. T.
Clarkson, James
Clarkson, R. W.
Clarmont, Frank
Clarrisey, William
Clarry, A. C.
Clary, Jerome F. F.
Clary, F. C.
Clattenburg, C. C. C.
Clattenburg, B.
Clattenburg, Clyde C.
Claughell, Charles
Claus, J. W.
Claus, Neil
Claus, John C.
Clausen, A.
Clausen, J. M.
Clausen, H.
Clausen, Daniel F.
Clausen, Andrew
Clauson, Andy
Clauson, H.
Clauson, Fred
Clauson, Andy
Clauson, Marshall T.
Claussen, G.
Clausson, Gustave T. T.
Clausson, Theodore
Clausson, G.
Clausson, Gus T.
Clausson, Theodore
Clavert, J.
Clawson, ???
Clay, Joseph A.
Clay, Fred
Clay, Jos. A. A.
Clay, Don
Clayes, P.
Claypole, Lloyd H.
Claypole, John
Clayton, Philip A. A.
Clayton, Chris
Clayton, H. M.
Clayton, D. D.
Clayton, Philip A.
Clayton, W. J.
Cleary, Gerald J.
Cleary, Louis
Cleary, J. J.
Cleary, E. J.
Cleary, Jack
Cleary, Kenneth J.
Cleave, Alexander R.
Cleave, Scott
Cleave, Alex R.
Cleaveland, J. M.
Cleet, G. S.
Clegg, Wallace J. J.
Clegg, Wallace J.
Clegg, H. J.
Clegg, Scott
Clegg, Sheila
Clegg, H J
Clegg, S.
Clegg, W.
Clegg, Harry J. J.
Cleghorn, Alexander
Cleghorn, Alexander
Cleland, Fred
Cleland, H.
Cleland, H.
Clemens, Miss Fay
Clemens, T.
Clemens, William A.
Clemens, Edgar
Clemens, Arthur B.
Clemens, J.
Clemens, Albert
Clemens, James
Clement, Ubald
Clement, Stephen
Clement, H.
Clement, John C.
Clement, Arthur
Clement, George Washington
Clement, Henry
Clement, ???
Clements, Henry
Clements, L. P.
Clements, A.
Clements, Don
Clements, Henry
Clements, William W. W.
Clements, A.
Clements, Alex 1867
Clemmens, William
Clemmons, William A. A.
Clemons, T.
Clemons, John
Clendenning, A.
Clendenny, William
Cleson, Charles
Cleveland, George
Cleveland, John 1866
Cleveland, Charles R. R.
Cleveland, Edward S.
Cleveland, B. L.
Cleveland, G. C.
Cleveland, George F. F.
Cleveland, Charles R.
Cleveland, Drew
Cleversley, E. W.
Cliff, George
Cliff, P. H.
Clifford, Alexander
Clifford, Jack
Clifford, David E.
Clifford, Alexander
Clifford, Edward J.
Clifford, Matthew
Clifford, George P. P.
Clifford, David
Clifford, George P.
Clifford, John
Clifford, Keith
Clifford, ???
Clifford, J.
Cliffs, Harry
Clifton, W. H.
Clifton, George M.
Climer, Ed. H.
Climie, T. B.
Climo, Ray
Cline, John W.
Cline, A. E.
Cline, Clayton E.
Cline, Edward G. G.
Cline, William C. C.
Cline, William C.
Cline, Ernest J.
Cline, Ernest
Cline, S. A. A.
Cline, Sidney A.
Cline, W C
Cline, Jr., William E. E.
Clingenpeel, John C.
Clinger, Stanton J.
Clinger, B. J.
Clinker, Larry
Clint, Joseph
Clinton, John
Clinton, A. P. P.
Clinton, A. P.
Clinton, James
Clinton, George
Clinton Sr., J.
Clipper, Charles
Cloan, B. J.
Clock, John H. H.
Clogg, Sheila E. E.
Clogg, C. C. C.
Clogg, C. C.
Cloogs, Philip
Clor, F. W.
Clor, Ben
Clor, Eugene
Close, John A.
Close, Robert J.
Close, Edward
Closs, C. J.
Closs, R.
Closs, Roy
Closs Jr., Roy E.
Cloud, Douglas
Cloudman, Bruce
Cloudman, James
Clough, Homer E.
Clouston, J.
Cloutier, Ernest 1948
Cloutier, Camile
Cloutier, Y.
Cloutier, ???
Clow, J. M. M.
Clow, John H.
Clow, D.
Clow, J.
Clow, H. D.
Clow, D. D.
Clow, D. J.
Clow, David
Clow, John
Clow, David R.
Clow, D. J. J.
Clow, Duncan
Clow, J. M.
Cloy, Douglas
Clucas, William
Clucas, Philip
Cluckey, J. H.
Cluckey, Johnny
Cluckey, Mrs. J. H.
Cluet, George
Cluett, Chesley
Clunk, Samuel
Clure, Pete M. M.
Clyburn, Luther L. L.
Clyburne, Reginald
Clyde, James
Clymont, H.
Clyne, Gerald E.
Coaklay, D. J.
Coakley, Jr., Thomas F. F.
Coakwell, Frank G.
Coan, Patrick P.
Coates, John
Coates, E. A.
Coates, John V.
Coates, E.
Coates, Charles B.
Coates, Wayne
Coates, Tommy
Coates, Charles B. B.
Coates, James
Coates, L. B. B.
Coates, Eugene
Coats, Franklin
Coats, Franklin B.
Coatta, Douglas
Cobb, J.
Cobb, W. A.
Cobb, George
Cobb, W. G.
Cobb, Thomas
Cobb, E.
Cobb, T. R.
Cobb, W. M.
Cober, C.
Cobo, August
Coburn, William
Coburn, William J.
Cochard, T. E.
Cochlan, Ed
Cochraine, William
Cochran, Robert Loy
Cochran, Chester
Cochran, John
Cochran, M.
Cochran, S.
Cochran, Robert
Cochrane, David M. M.
Cochrane, John
Cochrane, William S.
Cochrane, William
Cochrane, W. H.
Cochrane, Bob
Cochrane, John
Cochrane, James
Cochrane, James L.
Cochrane, J.
Cochrane, David Mitchell
Cochrane, David M.
Cochrane, David
Cochrane, ???
Cochrane, D. M.
Cochrane, James
Cochrane, John W.
Cochrane, Robert
Cochrane, W. D.
Cochrane, D.
Cochrane, Seymour B.
Cockburn, John
Cockerell, Robert
Cockerhan, W. G.
Cocklin, William
Cockrane, John
Cockridge, Joseph
Codatte, Frank
Coder, O. G. W.
Codling, Howard L. L.
Codotte, ???
Cody, H. S.
Cody, Charles P.
Cody, F. B. B.
Cody, David
Cody, David
Cody, Fabian B.
Cody, George
Cody, U. S. S.
Cody, William F.
Cody, U. S.
Cody, M. S.
Cody, D.
Coe, Alfred
Coe, A.
Coe, George E.
Coe, H. K.
Coe, Thomas W.
Coeles, William J.
Coen, Alie
Coey, D. R.
Coey, Dennis R. R.
Coffee, R.
Coffee, Hawain T.
Cofferine, Ashley
Coffey, ???
Coffey, James
Coffey, James
Coffey, Thomas J. J.
Coffey, T. J.
Coffey, Lawrence E. E.
Coffey, R. L.
Coffey, R. E.
Coffield, Peter
Coffin, Wilson J.
Coffin, W. J.
Coffin, Jim
Coffin, George
Coffin, G. S.
Coffin, ???
Coffinger, ???
Coffman, Edwin A.
Cogan, D. E.
Cogan, William E.
Coger, Frank
Coger, Allie C.
Coghill, R. C.
Coghlan, Francis J. J.
Cogley, John M.
Cogswell, Tim
Cogswell, Fred P.
Cogswell, Theodore A.
Cogswell, Theodore A. A.
Cogswell, T.
Cogswell, T. A. A.
Cohee, Jr., George
Cohen, Lawrence E. E.
Cohen, Maxim M. M.
Cohen, A. B.
Cohen, Lawrence
Cohen, Harry I.
Cohours, Ealon
Coie, Andrew
Coit, O.
Coker, Charles
Coker, Eugene
Colamara, J.
Colbeck, G.
Colbert, Michael J.
Colbert, Thomas
Colbert, Charles
Colbert, Gilbert
Colborn, Keith
Colborn, H. G.
Colburn, Donald
Colburn, Timothy E. E.
Colby, John
Colclough, Robert N.
Colclough, Edward W.
Colclough, Ed.
Colclough, ???
Coldwell, H. E.
Cole, Raymond A.
Cole, Peter
Cole, W. S. S.
Cole, Robert L.
Cole, W.
Cole, E.
Cole, Rolla
Cole, Gary W.
Cole, Percy
Cole, John L.
Cole, P. H.
Cole, John
Cole, James H.
Cole, J. V.
Cole, John R.
Cole, Rolla
Cole, Johnny
Cole, J. F.
Cole, James D.
Cole, Mrs. ???
Cole, Harry
Cole, George W.
Cole, Henry
Cole, Roy E.
Cole, Russell
Cole, S. A.
Cole, E.
Cole, Darius
Cole, Dallas E.
Cole, Dallas
Cole, Charlie H.
Cole, Carl
Cole, C. H.
Cole, Bob
Cole, Benjamin
Cole, Bart
Cole, B.
Cole, ???
Cole, Walter
Cole, G.
Cole, Frederick Sheridan
Cole, Fred H.
Cole, Secord
Cole, Thomas
Cole, Fred S. S.
Cole, George W. W.
Cole, Dalios E. E.
Cole, Ernest
Cole, W. J.
Cole, Martin
Coleburn, Harry
Coleman, William
Coleman, Jeremiah H.
Coleman, Jeff
Coleman, James
Coleman, J.
Coleman, G.
Coleman, Frederick
Coleman, E. D.
Coleman, Daniel F.
Coleman, Clara
Coleman, L. G.
Coleman, Wesley
Coleman, Daniel F. F.
Coleman, J. Ross
Coleman, Richard B.
Coleman, Richard
Coleman, R.
Coleman, Martin
Coleman, L. N.
Coleman, William
Coleman, A.
Coleman, ???
Coleman, Herbert J. J.
Coleman, B.
Coleman, Lawrence
Coleman, Jeremiah
Coleman, J. H. H.
Coleman, Henry
Coleman, Patrick
Coleman, A. S.
Coleman, Andrew S.
Coleman, Daniel
Coleman, L.
Coleman, Anthony
Coleman Sr., Wes
Colen, W. J.
Colenutt, C.
Coles, Ben
Coles, William G.
Coles, W. G. G.
Coles, WIlliam G.
Colgan, D.
Colins, N.
Colins, Charles E.
Colins, H.
Collams, J.
Collan, John
Collander, Ned V. V.
Collar, George
Collard, Kevin W. W.
Collard, Kevin
Collen, H. J.
Collen, Ed. H.
Collens, John
Collett, Joseph
Collett, T. P.
Collett, Frank
Collette, David
Collette, Dave
Colley, J.
Colley, Walter J.
Colliard, Emil C.
Collie, W. J.
Collier, Bert C.
Collier, J.
Collier, Frank A.
Collier, Frank
Collier, C. T.
Collier, W. J.
Collier, James
Collier, W. A.
Collier, John
Collier, William A. A.
Collier, ???
Collier, Mrs. James
Colligan, Eugene
Collin, J. P.
Collin, Suzanne
Colling, Ray
Collinge, George Alfred
Collingham, J.
Collings, John B.
Collingwood, Bradley V.
Collingwood, E. S.
Collins, Charles T.
Collins, Thomas
Collins, Denis D.
Collins, David L.
Collins, Francis
Collins, Ed
Collins, Fred
Collins, Frederick D.
Collins, George
Collins, H. W.
Collins, Harvey
Collins, William A.
Collins, Edward
Collins, Hazen
Collins, James J.
Collins, Henry
Collins, J.
Collins, Jere W.
Collins, Joseph
Collins, John R.
Collins, W. W.
Collins, Jeremiah
Collins, William
Collins, John H.
Collins, John D.
Collins, Leo B.
Collins, Matthew
Collins, Jay
Collins, James A.
Collins, W.
Collins, Tom J.
Collins, Thomas S.
Collins, Robert
Collins, R. J.
Collins, Peter
Collins, Omar D.
Collins, John
Collins, Allen
Collins, W. W. W.
Collins, James A. A.
Collins, Charles
Collins, Thomas S. S.
Collins, William F. F.
Collins, O. D. D.
Collins, William F
Collins, Robert W. W.
Collins, John
Collins, Tom
Collins, E. C. C.
Collins, Allen
Collins, ???
Collins, William F.
Collins, H. W. W.
Collins, Allen
Collins, Bernard D.
Collins, Brian
Collins, C. D.
Collins, C. E.
Collins, C. F.
Collins, C. T.
Collins, Charles E.
Collinson, Howard
Collis, Dennis
Collison, George
Collison, W. E.
Collophy, William
Collopy, Matthew
Collopy, Charles E. E.
Collopy, Jr., Charles E. E.
Collwell, F. F.
Colman, A.
Colman, Scott
Colman, Daniel F.
Colman, Daniel F. F.
Colman, Jerre
Colman, P.
Colman, E.
Colnan, John
Colnon, William L.
Colomara, J.
Colomb, Napolean
Colon, Santiago
Colon, David 1866
Colonna, John O.
Colosimo, F.
Colquhoon, S. M.
Colquhoun, S.
Colquolou, ???
Colson, William J.
Colson, John
Colson, Oscar
Colson, Frank A.
Colson, Frank A. A.
Colson, William J. J.
Colson, G.
Colt, O.
Colter, George
Colter, Thomas 1866
Colton, Albert W.
Colton, A. W.
Columbus, Peter
Columbus, P.
Colvey, Tom
Colville, Harry
Colville, William J.
Colvin, H.
Colvin, Fred A.
Colwell, H.
Colwell, F.
Colwell, R.
Colwell, ???
Colwill, Robert
Colwill, W. J. J.
Colwill, W. J.
Combdon, Andy
Combs, Gregory E. E.
Comeau, Michael
Comeau, Israel E.
Comeau, M.
Comer, John F.
Comer, William E.
Comerford, Edward
Comerford, ???
Comerford, James R. R.
Comeron, R. A.
Comett, Maggie
Comins, George T
Comins, Edw. T. T.
Comins, Alonzo B. B.
Comins, George T.
Comins, Maxwell
Comins, Edward T.
Comins, Alonzo B.
Comins, Max
Comins, George T. T.
Comlin, John
Commense, Charles
Commerford, C. A. A.
Commerford, Charles A.
Commerie, George
Commerie, George
Commings, Robert C.
Commings, Randy
Comnick, Kevin L.
Compe, Thomas
Compeau, Joe
Compeau, Joseph
Compeau, Morel
Compeau, Joseph
Compeau, Thomas
Compton, David L.
Compton, Richard J.
Comrie, Leslie
Comstock, J. N. N.
Comstock, Charles
Comstock, J. N.
Comstock, Brian
Comstock, Harold A.
Comtois, Donald
Comyns, Joseph
Conacher, ???
Conally, J.
Conally, James
Conan, Mrs. W. T.
Conant, Richard G. G.
Conaty, R. H.
Conden, Ed.
Condin, Ed.
Condon, Paul R. R.
Condon, Paul R.
Condon, John
Condon, Ed.
Condon, E. J.
Condon, E.
Condon, Thomas
Condon, James
Condon, ???
Condon, William
Condon, Jr., Maurice J. J.
Condray, Charlie
Condron, John T. T.
Condry, Gerald J.
Condwell, John
Cone, William
Cone, Owen D. D.
Conellard, J. B.
Conellard, J. B. B.
Conelly, John
Congdon, William
Congdon, I.
Congdon, Paul R.
Conger, Horace
Conger, Erik
Conger, Pleamon
Congor, ???
Conguy, L. H.
Conkey, A. B.
Conkey, Arthur
Conkey, Charles M
Conkey, M. L.
Conkey, Charles M.
Conkey, A. B. B. 1866
Conkey, A. T. T.
Conkey, C. E.
Conkey, A. T.
Conkey, ???
Conkey, A.
Conkey, Charles M. M.
Conkle, Joe
Conklin, L.
Conklin, Joseph
Conklin, Gordon B. B.
Conklin, Gordon
Conklin, Gordon B.
Conland, Frank
Conlen, Robert
Conles, W.
Conley, William
Conley, Richard
Conley, Melvin L.
Conley, M.
Conley, John
Conley, J.
Conley, Felix
Conley, G.
Conlin, David
Conlin, Thomas N. N.
Conlin, T. N.
Conlin, Thomas N.
Conlin, John
Conlin, Frank
Conlin, L B
Conlin, Lawrence R. R.
Conlin, Herbert
Conlin, L. B.
Conlin, John J.
Conlin, ???
Conlin, Robert
Conlin, Frank
Conlin, George
Conlin, Herbert
Conlin, J. J.
Conlin, James
Conlin, John
Conlley, James
Conlogue, Jack
Conlon, John M.
Conlon, J. M.
Conlon, Louis B. B.
Conlon, John M. M.
Conlon, J. J.
Conlon, John M
Conlon, J.
Conlon, Bill
Conmay, James
Conn, Robert
Conn, Bob
Conn, George
Conn, Kenneth R. R.
Conn, Kenneth R.
Connaghan, L.
Connally, James
Connally, Bart
Connally, O. R. R.
Connally, James
Connars, James
Connaughton, Martin E. E.
Connauton, W. S.
Connell, T. W.
Connell, Daniel M. M. 1934
Connell, T.
Connell, Richard
Connell, R. P.
Connell, John
Connell, Henry
Connell, H. S.
Connell, William
Connelly, John
Connelly, D.
Connelly, J.
Connelly, James
Connelly, James A.
Connelly, James N.
Connelly, John A.
Connelly, Joseph
Connelly, Owen
Connelly, Robert F.
Connelly, Thomas J. J.
Connelly, James N. N.
Connelly, Charley
Connelly, Bob
Connelly, Arthur
Connelly, John
Connelly, William M. M.
Connelly, J. A. A.
Connelly, John
Connelly, John II II
Connelly, Thomas J.
Connelly, W. M. M.
Connelly, William Bernard
Connelly, Arthur H. H.
Connelly, Anthony
Connely, James M. M.
Connely, John
Conner, James 1867
Conner, Rodney L.
Conner, John
Conner, James
Conner, G.
Conner, ???
Conners, Thomas
Conners, Samuel W.
Conners, O. J.
Conners, Mat
Conners, John
Conners, James
Conners, C.
Conners, Al
Connerton, Cornelius
Conniff, Alvin
Conniff, P. F.
Connolly, Mrs. Madeline
Connolly, Kevin P. P.
Connolly, Marion
Connolly, James
Connolly, J. J.
Connolly, William
Connolly, J. T. T.
Connolly, M.
Connor, Rodney L.
Connor, M.
Connor, John
Connor, Jim
Connor, J.
Connor, M.
Connor, James
Connor, James A.
Connors, Thomas J.
Connors, Thomas
Connors, O. J.
Connors, Neil
Connors, Samuel W.
Connors, Michael
Connors, David
Connors, John
Connors, James
Connors, Jack
Connors, J.
Connors, P. A.
Conolly, Mike
Conors, Sam
Conrad, F. W.
Conrad, Stanley B.
Conrad, John
Conrad, Joe
Conrad, James B.
Conrod, Samuel
Conroy, James L.
Conroy, Mrs. L.
Conroy, John M.
Conroy, John
Conroy, Art
Conroy, J. M.
Conroy, Harvey E.
Conroy, Frank
Consaul, E.
Constable, William
Constans, Nicholas M.
Constans, N. M. M.
Constine, L. A.
Contois, Clifford
Contois, H.
Contois, Noe
Contois, W.
Contois, Clifford November 19th, 2011
Contois, Howard November 19th, 2011
Contractor, E. J.
Converse, Charles
Convery, J.
Convey, Michael
Conway, John 1866
Conway, R. J.
Conway, Richard J.
Conway, W.
Conway, Jack
Conway, Richard J. J.
Conway, J. J.
Conway, R. H.
Conway, James
Conway, Jack
Conway, Thomas J. J.
Conway, C.
Conway, D.
Conway, Dan
Conway, Daniel
Conway, David C.
Conway, Edward
Conway, F.
Conyea, Laurence
Conyers, Maurice W.
Cook, James
Cook, R. H.
Cook, O.
Cook, Elmer
Cook, Mrs. ???
Cook, March Gail
Cook, M.
Cook, Lloyd G.
Cook, Joseph
Cook, John A.
Cook, J. F.
Cook, J. U.
Cook, James V.
Cook, Robert
Cook, T.
Cook, Lorenzo W. W. 1897
Cook, Frank A. A.
Cook, Jacob F. F.
Cook, F. E. E.
Cook, W. L. L.
Cook, William H.
Cook, William E.
Cook, William
Cook, Walter
Cook, W. T.
Cook, W. H.
Cook, Arthur
Cook, W. A.
Cook, W.
Cook, Frank
Cook, Thomas
Cook, John G. G.
Cook, Dwyer W. W.
Cook, Robert C. C.
Cook, David
Cook, D.
Cook, Clair
Cook, Charles H.
Cook, Charles
Cook, C.
Cook, Bob
Cook, Blair
Cook, ???
Cook, Arthur
Cook, Andrew
Cook, Alonzo
Cook, Allen
Cook, Alexander
Cook, A. K.
Cook, Dodge
Cook, Donald E.
Cook, Henry
Cook, Harry E.
Cook, H.
Cook, Graeme
Cook, George W.
Cook, Hiram
Cook, George R.
Cook, Blair A. A.
Cook, George
Cook, G.
Cook, Edward
Cook, Elmer
Cook, Gary
Cook, F. A.
Cook, F. E.
Cook, Dan
Cooke, William
Cooke, Lorne
Cooke, S. H.
Cooke, James M.
Cooke, Edwin D.
Cooke, David J.
Cooke, D.
Cooke, ???
Cooke, Albert J.
Cooke, Blair A.
Cooke, C.
Cooke, J. W. W.
Cooke, S. H. H.
Cookman, W. H.
Cooks, ???
Cookson, Kenneth E. E.
Coolahan, ???
Cooley, F. B.
Cooley, Glenn L.
Cooley, H. G.
Cooley, C. Douglas
Cooley, E. G.
Cooley, J.
Cooley, E. G. G.
Cooley, H. G. G.
Coombes, B. R.
Coombs, Henry
Coomer, Chester
Coon, Glen
Coon, C. E.
Coon, Lori
Coon, George
Coon, S. E.
Coon, George
Coon, Eli
Cooney, Robert
Cooney, Jim
Cooney, Robert E.
Cooney, Robert
Cooney, Edward J. J.
Coons, Charles
Coons, Frank
Coons, F. C.
Coons, Charles E.
Coopens, Ed
Cooper, William A.
Cooper, John E.
Cooper, L. V.
Cooper, John
Cooper, Joe
Cooper, Jesse Bernard
Cooper, Scott D.
Cooper, James
Cooper, J. S.
Cooper, William T. T.
Cooper, Lester
Cooper, Louis
Cooper, Thomas
Cooper, Robert
Cooper, Warner
Cooper, B. H. H.
Cooper, Raymond J.
Cooper, R. V.
Cooper, R. D.
Cooper, Otto
Cooper, William
Cooper, M. P.
Cooper, Maurice R.
Cooper, J. E.
Cooper, Carlton
Cooper, C. A.
Cooper, B. H.
Cooper, John E. E.
Cooper, ???
Cooper, Thomas
Cooper, Jesse B. B.
Cooper, Clarence L. L.
Cooper, Casper
Cooper, Clarence
Cooper, Ed
Cooper, G.
Cooper, G. A.
Cooper, G. E.
Cooper, George
Cooper, J.
Cooper, George P.
Cooper, Grover
Coot, R.
Coote, ???
Coots, Clair N.
Cope, G. H.
Cope, Frederick J.
Cope, George H.
Copegag, Barney
Copeland, Charles E. E.
Copeland, E.
Copeland, Charles
Copeland, Mortimer
Copeland, C. E.
Copeland, ???
Copling, L. E.
Copling, L E
Coppen, Albert E.
Coppens, Edward H. H.
Coppens, Ed H.
Coppens, ???
Copperwaithe, W.
Coppo, P. J.
Coppo, Philip
Coppola, William
Coram, J.
Corbay, W.
Corbet, Gilbert
Corbett, W. J.
Corbett, W.
Corbett, David L.
Corbett, A. M.
Corbett, Clyde R. R.
Corbett, John
Corbett, Thomas
Corbett, R. J.
Corbett, Clyde R.
Corbett, ???
Corbett, Robert J.
Corbett, M. H.
Corbett, Michael Joseph
Corbier, M.
Corbier, H.
Corbin, G.
Corbin, M
Corbin, M. D.
Corbin, Charles
Corbin, M.
Corbin, David
Corbine, Timothy
Corbitt, John
Corbitt, H.
Corboy, William
Corbran, James
Corcoran, E. J.
Corcoran, Ed.
Corcoran, David
Corcoran, Joseph
Corcoran, Thomas
Corcoran, Joseph
Corcoran, Michael P.
Corcoran, E.
Corcoran, Jr., Robert E. E.
Corcran, Edwin W. W.
Cordeau, V. E.
Cordell, David B.
Cordes, J.
Cordes, S. J.
Cordick, Paul
Cordick, Paul
Cordick, Paul
Cordott, Daniel
Cordwell, David A.
Cordwell, Stuart W. W.
Cordwell, Jr., D. S. S.
Core, Steve M.
Corey, J. B.
Corin, ???
Coristine, Scott
Cork, John
Cork, John A. A.
Cork, Mary L. L.
Corkey, John
Corkey, M.
Corkey, M. J.
Corkey, John
Corkey, M. J. J.
Corkum, William
Corkum, E.
Corlett, Art
Cormier, M.
Cormier, John H.
Cormier, Jean M.
Cormier, J.
Cormier, Jack K.
Cormier, F.
Cormino, Alfred
Cornaire, Harry
Cornaliusan, Andy
Corneillie, George B.
Cornelison, Tom
Cornelissen, Elizabeth
Cornelius, Fred
Cornelius, ???
Cornelius, Adam E. E.
Cornelius, Oscar
Cornelius Jr., Adam E.
Cornelius, Jr., Adam E. E.
Cornell, Hartman R.
Cornell, Victor
Cornell, W. J.
Cornell, A.
Cornell, Hart R. R.
Cornell, Alvin
Cornellie, George B.
Corner, L.
Corner, Livingstone
Corner, William
Cornet, D. F. F.
Cornet, W. E. E.
Cornett, D. F.
Cornett, W. J.
Cornett, W.
Cornett, William
Cornett, J.
Cornillie, Daniel J. J.
Cornish, F. W.
Cornish, William
Cornish, John
Cornmeier, M.
Cornwall, William
Cornwall, Tracy
Cornwall, Ray
Cornwall, John
Cornwall, Herman
Cornwall, Charles
Cornwall, Alton W. W.
Cornwall, John E. E.
Cornwall, Earl W. W.
Cornwell, Wilbur
Cornwell, W. R.
Cornwell, Wilber R. R.
Corp, Leon
Corr, William
Corr, William
Correll, ???
Correlo, J. F.
Correveau, Forest
Corrier, William
Corrier, Wilfred
Corrigan, James
Corrigan, Farrell
Corrigan, Jane
Corrigan, J. W.
Corrigan, J.
Corrigan, H.
Corrigan, Miss Etta
Corrigan, Miss Ida
Corrigan, Mrs. James
Corrigan, Mrs. John
Corrigan, T.
Corrigan, George P.
Corrigan, Joseph
Corriveau, Florian
Corriveau, F.
Corriveau, F. C.
Corriveau, Forest
Corriveau, J. F.
Corriveau, Leonidas
Corriveau, Lorenzo
Corriveau, Pierre
Corriveau, E.
Corroll, Charles
Corrow, Sam
Corrtell, George L.
Corsaut, Howard
Corson, J. K. K.
Corson, William
Corson, G.
Corson, ???
Corson, Sam
Corson, G. J.
Corson, Joseph K.
Corson, N. H.
Corson, R.
Corson, Sam
Corson, William A.
Corte, George
Corteau, O.
Cortes, William P. P.
Cortis, A.
Cortner, Steve
Cortnoir, J.
Corvett, Thomas
Cory, ???
Cory, Allen
Cory, G. P.
Cosberec, N.
Cosens, Russell
Cosford, Joseph
Cosgrave, Maurice
Cosgro, Charles
Cosgrove, Thomas
Cosgrove, George
Cosgrove, F.
Cosgrove, Tom H.
Cosgrove, J. 1866
Cosgrove, K.
Cosgrove, J. D.
Cosgrove, George
Cosgrove, George
Cosgrove, M.
Cosgrove, Morris
Coskey, John
Cosman, A.
Cosnett, Charles H.
Cosper, Elmer
Cosperec, N.
Cossette, M.
Cossette, Maurice
Cossette, R.
Cossette, Ajutor
Cossette, Adjutor
Cossette, A.
Cossette, Henri
Cossey, C. A.
Cossick, John
Costandakis, Peter
Costella, Michael
Costello, Earl
Costello, William
Costello, W.
Costello, Thomas
Costello, P. W.
Costello, M.
Costello, James
Costello, Harry E.
Costello, Frank
Costello, D. J.
Costello, D. G.
Coster, Charles
Costlowski, B. E.
Cot, Pierre
Cota, George W.
Cota, G.
Cota, David J.
Cote, Jean
Cote, Laurence E.
Cote, Laurier
Cote, Lyle J.
Cote, M.
Cote, Origene
Cote, Ovide
Cote, C. H.
Cote, R.
Cote, Robert
Cote, Roland
Cote, Rovert
Cote, Scott
Cote, Sean
Cote, J.
Cote, Horace
Cote, B. H.
Cote, C.
Cote, B. D.
Cote, E.
Cote, Edouard
Cote, F.
Cote, G.
Cote, Bruno
Cote, Alfred
Cote, George
Cote, Gerard
Cote, H.
Cote Sr., Alphonse
Cotnoir, J.
Cotrell, George L.
Cotrell, W. F.
Cottelit, Jerry J.
Cottell, Henry
Cottenden, Sarah
Cotter, John
Cotter, Charles H.
Cotter, Charles M.
Cotter, John
Cotter, James
Cotter, William
Cotter, John
Cotter, Charles
Cotteral, J.
Cotterden, Sarah
Cotterell, J. E.
Cottier, E. J. J.
Cottier, Phillip
Cottier, J. E.
Cotton, ???
Cotton, A. J.
Cotton, Lester H.
Cotton, William
Cotton, A. J. J.
Cottoni, A.
Cottor, W.
Cottrell, J. P.
Cottrell, James E.
Cottrell, Jerry C.
Cottrell, L.
Cottrell, Mark
Cottrell, W. F.
Cottrell, Walter M.
Cottrell, J. E.
Cottrell, H. C.
Cottrell, ???
Cottrell, Charles F.
Cottrell, E. H.
Cottrell, Edward
Cottrell, George
Cottrell, George H.
Cottrell, George L.
Cottrell, Richard A. A.
Cottrell, George L. L.
Cottrell, W. F. F.
Cottrell, Frank W. W.
Cottrell, James E. E.
Cottrell, Charles F. F.
Cottrell, W. M. M.
Cottrell, W F
Cottrell, B
Cottrell, Joseph P. P.
Cottrille, Jayson
Cotty, D.
Cotty, R.
Cotworth, ???
Couchaine, Charles
Couchesne, Y.
Couchesne, Adrien
Couchois, Edward Lee
Coudie, L. W.
Coudray, Norman O.
Coufrey, John
Cough, Harry
Coughell, Charles
Coughell, Charles W. W.
Coughell, R.
Coughler, H. Peter
Coughlin, Daniel
Coughlin, Gerald R.
Coughlin, Gerald R. R.
Coughlin, James 1867
Coughlin, Daniel
Coughlin, Michael E. E.
Coughlin, Michael
Coughlin, C. F. F.
Couillard, Ricky
Couillard, J. B.
Couillard, J.
Couillard, G.
Couillard, C. H.
Coulby, Harry A.
Coulby, Harry
Coullette, Lawrence
Coulombe, A.
Coulombe, E.
Coulombe, Joanne
Coulson, W.
Coulson, Hugh
Coulson, Erwin
Coulston, Wayne A. A.
Coult, J.
Coulter, M.
Coulter, Lawrence D.
Coulter, John
Coulter, George
Coulter, Edward
Coulter, Burnie M.
Coulter, John S. S.
Coulter, John
Coultis, J. K.
Coulton, A. W.
Councer, ???
Counsher, D.
Countryman, James H.
Countryman, James
Counts, Jill
Countyrman, James H.
Couper, R. D.
Coupil, J.
Courchaine, Victor J.
Courchaine, Victor J. J.
Courchesne, Y.
Courchesne, Camille
Courchesne, Alphonse
Courchesne, Adrien
Courchesne, A.
Cournoyer, O.
Cournoyer, P.
Cournoyer, Pierre
Cournoyer, R.
Cournoyer, R. P.
Cournoyer, V.
Cournoyer, V. R.
Cournoyer, V. W.
Cournoyer, Zephirin
Cournoyer, N.
Cournoyer, M.
Cournoyer, A.
Cournoyer, A. E.
Cournoyer, Aime
Cournoyer, Albert
Cournoyer, Bruno
Cournoyer, D.
Cournoyer, Guy
Cournoyer, J.
Cournoyer, Joseph
Courrier, William
Courson, ???
Court, B. C.
Courtemanch, C. G. G.
Courtemanche, T.
Courtemanche, N. E.
Courtemanche, N. C.
Courtemanche, Clarence
Courtemanche, C. G.
Courtion, Sylvester J.
Courtney, Anne
Courtney, John
Courtney, Louis
Courtney, Orlan J. J.
Courtney, William C. C.
Courtois, Myron E. E.
Courtois, Roy
Courtois, Myron
Couschaine, Daniel
Coushaine, Charles
Coushane, Charles
Cousin, William
Cousineau, Regis
Cousineau, N.
Cousineau, F.
Cousineau, ???
Cousineau, Curtis C. C.
Cousins, George
Cousins, Arthur
Cousins, W. H. H.
Cousins, William H.
Cousins, William G.
Cousins, P. J.
Cousins, James
Cousins, George
Cousins, Douglas G.
Cousins, Danny
Cousins, Arthur C.
Coutant, Gerald J.
Coutoure, Russ
Coutoure, Wilford
Coutts, John L.
Coutts, Allen
Coutts, Allan
couture, wilfred
Couture, Wilfred
Couture, Timothy
Couture, Russell T.
Couture, Russell
Couture, Joe
Couture, Earl J.
Couture, George
Couture, James
Couture, Wilfred
Couverette, ???
Covan, M. J.
Covan, M. John
Covault, Marty L.
Covell, Kevin A. A.
Coveney, Robert John
Cover, Walter C.
Covert, Fred
Covert, James
Covert, John
Covey, Warren D.
Covey, Bill
Coveyau, George
Coveyeau, Joseph
Coveyou, Frank
Coveyou, Ivo C.
Coveyou, T.
Coviah, George
Covyeon, J. H.
Cowan, William R.
Cowan, William
Cowan, Lorne
Cowan, John
Cowan, James A.
Cowan, Henry
Cowan, ???
Cowan, George M.
Cowan, H. W.
Cowan, Harry
Cowan, Thomas 1897
Cowan, James A. A.
Cowan Jr., Henry R.
Cowan, Jr., Henry R. R.
Coward, Rueben
Coward, S.
Coward, Reuben
Cowell, S. G.
Cowen, Rodney
Cowen, Henry
Cowie, Andrew
Cowie, F. W.
Cowie, R.
Cowie, W. H.
Cowie, Andrew
Cowin, W. H. H. 1897
Cowle, M. S
Cowle, M. S.
Cowles, William J.
Cowles, Judson
Cowles, B. L.
Cowles, William J. J.
Cowles, W J
Cowles, Benjamin L. L.
Cowles, Jr., William J. J.
Cowley, Robert
Cowley, Robert J. J.
Cowley, Grant R.
Cowley, John
Cowley, Owen
Cowley, R. J.
Cowley, William
Cowley, ???
Cowley Jr., William
Cox, Rodney E.
Cox, Samuel
Cox, T.
Cox, Thomas J.
Cox, William
Cox, William G.
Cox, Patrick H.
Cox, James
Cox, J.
Cox, Alonzo
Cox, Bill
Cox, Charles E.
Cox, Charles Vincent
Cox, D. F.
Cox, Forrest G.
Cox, Albert
Cox, A. A. A.
Cox, W. G. G.
Cox, Charles V. V.
Coxon, Clarence
Coxton, Clarence
Coy, Elon E.
Coy, ???
Coyea, W.
Coyer, B.
Coyer, G.
Coyer, John
Coyle, Thomas J.
Coyle, Thomas
Coyle, T. J.
Coyle, John R.
Coyle, Charles
Coyle, Duncan
Coyne, Charles
Coyne, Hugh
Coyne, Martin
Coyne, John 1866
Cozad, Clem B.
Cozallis, R.
Cozzens, A. B.
Cozzens, ???
Crabb, Charles G.
Craddock, Edward B. B.
Craft, Andrew J.
Craft, John H.
Craft, Leo
Cragg, T.
Cragg, Jack L.
Cragie, Alexander
Crahan, Jim
Craig, Raymond
Craig, Robert
Craig, Steven
Craig, T. J.
Craig, W. J.
Craig, W. P.
Craig, William H.
Craig, R. J.
Craig, Oscar
Craig, John P.
Craig, John C.
Craig, John
Craig, James
Craig, J. C.
Craig, J. A.
Craig, Frederick
Craig, ???
Craig, John C. C.
Craig, John P. P.
Craig, William H. H.
Craig Jr., Thomas S.
Craigie, ???
Craigie, Alex.
Craigie, Alexander
Craigie, Alexander
Craik, James M.
Crain, John W.
Crain, R. J.
Craine, William G.
Craine, Elmer W.
Craine, Daniel P.
Craine, Charles
Craine, D. P. P.
Craine, E. W. W.
Cram, Enoch
Cram, Enoch
Cramer, William
Cramer, Ronald
Cramer, Joseph C.
Cramer, James A.
Cramer, George
Cramer, Fred W.
Cramer, Douglas
Cramer, Alfred E.
Cramer, A.
Crampton, Roy L.
Crampton, Merwin
Crampton, J. D.
Crampton, Elmer N.
Crampton, Charles E.
Cranbee, C. R.
Cranbee, Mrs. C. R.
Cranch, Harry
Crandall, L. W.
Crandall, Kenneth R.
Crandall, James
Crandall, G. W.
Crandall, Bill
Crandell, George W.
Crandon, Lorne
Crane, William
Crane, Wilbert
Crane, J. L.
Crane, Garvie
Crane, Ernest
Crane, Charles
Crane, Bert
Crane, Wilbert
Crane, C. D. D.
Crangle, Thomas E. E.
Crangle, John
Crangle, ???
Crangle, John
Crangle, S.
Crannie, B. J.
Cranston, J.
Crapo, S. T.
Crary, ???
Craser, C. J. J.
Crate, J. W.
Crate, William H.
Crattey, Thomas
Cratz, Gus
Craum, Wilbur
Craun, W. M.
Craun, Wilbur M. M.
Craven, John
Craven, Donald C. C.
Craven, Peter
Craven, Donald
Crawford, Lou
Crawford, L. L.
Crawford, L. H.
Crawford, L.
Crawford, Joseph
Crawford, John M.
Crawford, John G.
Crawford, John
Crawford, Louis
Crawford, Mark L.
Crawford, J.
Crawford, Willis
Crawford, William
Crawford, Wilford
Crawford, Steve
Crawford, S.
Crawford, R. M.
Crawford, N. L.
Crawford, Matthew M.
Crawford, James V.
Crawford, James
Crawford, Del F.
Crawford, D. S.
Crawford, D. C.
Crawford, Colin B.
Crawford, Charles E.
Crawford, Carfield
Crawford, A. W.
Crawford, ???
Crawford, Earle
Crawford, Ed.
Crawford, Emmett M.
Crawford, J. M.
Crawford, J. C.
Crawford, Herb
Crawford, George W.
Crawford, George B.
Crawford, George
Crawford, Garfield L.
Crawford, J. T.
Crawford, Garfield L. L.
Crawford, Morris
Crawford, J. M. M.
Crawford, John G. G.
Crawford, R M
Crawford, Leighton H. H.
Crawford, Gordon L. L.
Crawford, D.
Crawford, Robert M. M.
Crawford, Tom
Crawford, Mathew M. M.
Crawford, M. Mc Mc
Crawford, Maurice V. V.
Crawford, Mat M
Crawford, Michael D. D.
Crawford, George
Crawford, Charles B. B.
Crawford, Michael D. D.
Crawford, H M
Crawford, William
Crawford Jr., Robert M.
Crawford Sr., Robert M.
Crawford, Jr., Robert M. M.
Crawley, Arthur I. I.
Crawley, Arthur J.
Cray, Charles
Cray, Clarence
Cray, Michael
Creadon, S. S.
Creamer, Patrick
Creaser, R.
Credit, Daniel
Cree, Thomas
Cree, Jimmy
Cree, James
Cree, Donald
Crehan, Edward T.
Crehan, Thomas
Crehore, David R.
Creighton, Thomas
Creighton, Margaret
Creighton, ???
Crellin, Thomas
Cremeans, Bud
Cremeans, Dolphus G.
Crepeau, Nap.
Crepeau, J. A.
Crepeau, F.
Crepeau, E.
Crepeau, C.
Crepeau, Alf.
Crepeau, A.
Crepeau, C.
Crepeau, F.
Crerar, John
Crerar, John
Cresap, Logan
Cress, Harvey
Cresswell, P. R.
Cresswell, H. A.
Cretens, Ron
Crevas, John
Crevier, R.
Crevier, Simon
Crevier, S.
Crew, Gordon
Crewe, L. P.
Crewe, N. J.
Crewe, P. L.
Cribbin, P. G.
Crilly, Fred C. C.
Crimble, Thomas
Crimin, Wayne
Crimin, R.
Crimmins, George
Crimmins, G. R.
Crimmins, DeForest
Crine, George
Cringer, F. C. C.
Crink, S. B.
Crippen, William H. H.
Cripps, Charles
Cripps, H.
Cripts, Ralph
Criqui, J.
Criqui, Joseph
Criquie, Joseph
Crisp, James J.
Crisp, Melbourne
Crissey, James F. F.
Critchett, David 1897
Critchfield, Frank
Crites, Maurice
Crites, W.
Crites, Earl B.
Crnkovich, Steven K.
Crnkovich, Steven R.
Crobak, J. R.
Crochet, Tony
Crocker, D. M.
Crocker, J. H.
Crocker, D. M. M.
Crocker, John H. H.
Crocket, William
Crockett, Bernard
Crockett, Tyler J.
Crockett, R. C.
Crockett, John
Crockett, James
Crockett, H. J.
Crockett, F. A.
Crockett, Calvin R.
Crockett, Tyler J. J.
Crockett, William
Croeau, Ephrem
Croft, A. D.
Croft, A.
Croft, Fred
Croft, W.
Croft, C. W.
Croken, John
Croley, Stephen
Crom, Charles E. E.
Cromberg, Harry
Crombie, Charlie
Cromer, Gene
Cromley, Peter 1897
Crompton, C.
Crompton, C.
Crompton, Clarence
Crompton, C. J.
Cromwell, Bill
Cromwell, O. W.
Cronan, Fred M.
Cronan, Fred M. M.
Cronauer Jr., C. E.
Cronauer, Jr., C. E. E.
Cronberg, E. S. S.
Cronberg, C. S.
Cronberg, E. S.
Cronberg, Ed
Crone, W. Scott
Cronen, John M.
Cronenweth, John M.
Cronin, Arthur D.
Cronin, Frank
Cronin, John
Cronin, R.
Cronk, L. B.
Cronk, L.
Cronk, John
Cronk, George
Cronk, Dan
Cronkhite, Henry O.
Cronkhite, H.
Cronkhite, James
Cronkovich, Steven K.
Cronley, Peter
Cronley, Peter
Crook, A. R.
Crook, Herb
Crooke, K. A.
Crooke, Edward J.
Crooke, E.
Crooker, David M. M.
Crooker, David M.
Crookes, Frank W.
Crooks, Howard
Crooks, H.
Crooks, Frank
Crooks, F.
Crooks, A.
Crooks, ???
Crooks, H
Crooks, Thomas F. F.
Crooks, Harry J. J.
Crooks, Howard
Cropley, Charles
Crosby, William J.
Crosby, William
Crosby, T.
Crosby, P.
Crosby, Jasper N.
Crosby, J.
Crosby, Fred G.
Crosby, Ernest S.
Crosby, Charles
Crosby, Ernest S. S.
Crosby, William P. P.
Crosby, William J. J.
Croskett, T. J.
Cross, R.
Cross, Michael
Cross, Mark
Cross, L.
Cross, John L.
Cross, Ray W.
Cross, Robin G.
Cross, Samuel
Cross, William
Cross, WIlliam
Cross, William G.
Cross, William H.
Cross, Willis
Cross, James S.
Cross, J. L.
Cross, B. A.
Cross, Billy
Cross, Charles W.
Cross, Clyde Albert
Cross, Fred
Cross, G.
Cross, George T.
Cross, George W.
Cross, Hy.
Cross, Hy
Cross, Harry
Cross, H. W.
Cross, H. L.
Cross, H.
Cross, William C. C.
Cross, Marcus H. H.
Cross, William G. G.
Cross, George
Cross, George T. T.
Cross, Mark
Cross, A. W. W.
Cross Jr., Willis
Cross Jr., Willis A.
Cross, Jr., Willis A. A.
Crossan, J. M.
Crossan, J.
Crossan, George
Crossan, F.
Crosseau, E.
Crossen, Patrick
Crossin, Reese
Crossland, James
Crossland, Joseph
Crossland, Stafford
Crossley, William
Crossley, T.
Crossley, S.
Crossley, Levi N.
Crossley, John E.
Crossley, H. C.
Crossly, Thomas
Crosson, F. A.
Crosson, W. A.
Crosson, William A.
Crosson, William A. A.
Crossthwaite, William
Crosthwaite, A. E.
Croston, Joseph
Croteau, Serge
Croteau, Omer
Croteau, O. T.
Croteau, O.
Croteau, E.
Crothers, E. J. J.
Crotty, Edward
Crotty, Jr., Robert E. E.
Crouch, Harvey T.
Crouchley, William
Crouse, O. J.
Crouse, R.
Crout, M.
Crow, Phillip T.
Crow, Fred N.
Crow, Harry 1866
Crowder, R.
Crowder, Sherman J.
Crowding, Robert
Crowe, Timothy L.
Crowe, Kenneth J.
Crowe, Harold
Crowe, A. F.
Crowe, Clarence
Crowe, Robert
Crowell, Johanna
Crowell, Peter
Crowells, E. J.
Crowl, Francis
Crowley, Thomas
Crowley, W.
Crowley, Walter
Crowley, William
Crowley, William H.
Crowley, Stanley L.
Crowley, Robert C.
Crowley, R. J.
Crowley, J.
Crowley, F. J.
Crowley, C. W.
Crowley, Bill
Crowley, M.
Crowley, Edward C. C.
Crowley, F J
Crowley, Grant
Crowley, Jerry
Crowley, Kenneth V. V.
Crowley, F. J. J.
Crowston, Chester
Crozier, W.
Crozier, Janice
Cruger, F. C.
Cruger, P. C.
Cruickshank, Bob
Cruickshank, George
Cruickshank, L. W.
Cruickshank, Roger M.
Cruickshank, William
Cruickshank, Mortimer J.
Cruickshank, George
Cruickshanks, W. L.
Cruischank, Bob
Cruischank Jr., Mortimor
Crult, W. E.
Crumb, J.
Crumpler, Andrew L.
Crutchfield, Wardie
Crysler, ???
Crysler, P. G.
Crystal, ???
Csiszar, Alex
Cubic, Donald
Cuby, Fred
Cuddy, William
Cudeback, George L.
Cudeback, C. L. L.
Cudinski, Leon
Cuff, Alex. B.
Cuff, Anthony C.
Cuff, L.
Cuff, Scott
Cuff, A.
Cuffe, R.
Cuishane, Charles
Culbert, Lynda
Culbertson, Dale M.
Culbertson, John C.
Culbertson, Sam
Culbronson, O.
Cull, Peter A. A.
Cull, Raymond
Cull, John
Cull, Peter A.
Cull, James
Cullaton, D.
Cullaton, Dennis G. G.
Cullen, James 1867
Cullen, T J
Cullen, T. J. J.
Cullen, Peter J. J.
Cullen, William F.
Cullen, Wilbert J.
Cullen, Thomas J.
Cullen, T. J.
Cullen, P. J.
Cullen, P.
Cullen, Felix
Cullen, Edward H.
Cullen, Edward C.
Cullen, Peter J.
Cullerton, Dennis G.
Culligan, Daniel W.
Culligan, Roland B.
Cullman, W. H.
Cullman, Patrick
Cullnan, Daniel
Cullnan, Robert
Cullnan, Peter J.
Cullnan, Lawrence
Cullnan, Lawrance
Cullnan, L.
Cullnan, John
Cullnan, Patrick J. J.
Cullnan Jr., P. J.
Cullnan Sr., P. J.
Cullnan, Jr., Patrick J. J.
Cullon, ???
Culp, J.
Culp, Thomas W.
Culp, Roger
Culp, L. H.
Culp, John W.
Culp, J. L.
Culp, William E.
Culp, Herman L.
Culp, Herbert
Culp, Henry
Culp, Hamilton
Culp, H.
Culp, Albert L.
Culp, ???
Culp, Hamilton
Culp, H
Culp, John W
Culp, John W. W.
Culver, Charles V.
Culver, Charles B.
Culver, C. B.
Cumberworth, Frank
Cumberworth, Thomas 1867
Cumerford, Edward
Cumming, Charles
Cumming, William
Cumming, Roy G.
Cumming, L. B.
Cumming, Robert C.
Cumming, William
Cummings, H.
Cummings, E. C. C.
Cummings, Fred
Cummings, Janet
Cummings, L. B. B.
Cummings, John I. I.
Cummings, George
Cummings, Douglas
Cummings, Charles H. H.
Cummings, C. H. H.
Cummings, Joseph
Cummings, L. B.
Cummings, Matthew
Cummings, R. G.
Cummings, Randy
Cummings, Robert
Cummings, Robert C.
Cummings, Robert E.
Cummings, Roy
Cummings, Thomas
Cummings, W.
Cummings, W. H.
Cummings, William
Cummings, William A.
Cummings, ???
Cummings, John S.
Cummings, James
Cummings, A. J.
Cummings, Alonzo
Cummings, Archibald
Cummings, Bridget
Cummings, C. H.
Cummings, D.
Cummings, E. B.
Cummings, F. P.
Cummings, Frederick R.
Cummings, George Lawrence
Cummings, George M.
Cummings, Hamilton
Cummings, J. M.
Cummings, John I.
Cummins, George
Cummins, Enos
Cundy, Ranson D.
Cunnan, Thomas S.
Cunneen, Robert
Cunning, Alexander
Cunning, James
Cunning, James
Cunningham, J. J. J.
Cunningham, L. B. B.
Cunningham, William H. H.
Cunningham, James
Cunningham, Pat
Cunningham, James
Cunningham, Philip R.
Cunningham, Peter
Cunningham, Matthew D.
Cunningham, Lee
Cunningham, R.
Cunningham, T. J.
Cunningham, W.
Cunningham, W. H.
Cunningham, W. J.
Cunningham, William
Cunningham, William J.
Cunningham, John H.
Cunningham, John
Cunningham, J. H.
Cunningham, ???
Cunningham, B.
Cunningham, Clark
Cunningham, E. J.
Cunningham, Ed
Cunningham, Frank J.
Cunningham, G.
Cunningham, G. E.
Cunningham, George
Cunningham, H. J.
Cunningham, Henry J.
Cunningham, J. A.
Cunnings, William
Cuper, John
Cuper, John
Curin, Vincent
Curis, A.
Curis, Ed.
Curl, Richard O.
Curley, Thomas 1867
Curlis, Royce E. E.
Curnow, William E.
Curnow, W. E.
Curnow, W.
Curnow, Larry
Curran, Thomas
Curran, John
Curran, James
Curran, J. A.
Curran, J.
Curran, F.
Curran, David A.
Curran, David
Curran, D. A.
Curran, ???
Curran, David
Curran, John F. F.
Curran, James
Curran, David A. A.
Curran, Thomas
Currey, Joseph E.
Currie, Malcom
Currie, Robert E.
Currie, S. H.
Currie, Shannon
Currie, Thomas
Currie, W.
Currie, James
Currie, Malcolm
Currie, M. P.
Currie, M.
Currie, John D.
Currie, J. B.
Currie, J.
Currie, Henry
Currie, Donald C.
Currie, Alexander
Currie, Carlos C. C.
Currie, Alfred L. L.
Currie, Thomas
Currie, John B. B.
Currie, Daniel J. J.
Currie, Shepard A. A.
Currier, Robert C. C.
Currier, W.
Currin, J.
Curry, S. J.
Curry, Ralph
Curry, R. S.
Curry, R. O.
Curry, Patrick
Curry, Michael W.
Curry, M.
Curry, James
Curry, Abraham
Curry, Alex
Curry, Bob
Curry, Colin
Curry, David J.
Curry, J. E.
Curry, George
Curry, Ralph
Curry, M. W. W.
Curry, John
Curry, Michael
Curry, Thomas
Curtin, Gary
Curtin, I. M.
Curtin, Vincent
Curtis, James
Curtis, John
Curtis, Richard
Curtis, Robert H.
Curtis, Sam
Curtis, W. J.
Curtis, William H.
Curtis, William S.
Curtis, J.
Curtis, H. W.
Curtis, George
Curtis, ???
Curtis, A.
Curtis, Allan
Curtis, Allen
Curtis, Bobby R.
Curtis, C.
Curtis, Dan
Curtis, E.
Curtis, Ed.
Curtis, Jeff
Curtiss, Clarence E.
Curtiss, Gordon R.
Curto, A. C.
Curto, Andrew
Cusack, J.
Cusack, Joseph W. W.
Cusack, Sarah
Cuseo, Joseph
Cushane, Charley
Cusher, Harvey
Cushing, Ben W.
Cushing, Mrs. Ben
Cushing, J. C.
Cushing, Frank
Cushing, James C. C.
Cushman, Mike
Cushman, William B.
Cushmar, William B.
Cusick, John
Cuskey, R.D.M.
Cusma, W. L.
Cusmas, Clarence
Cusovich, Nick
Cussick, John
Custer, General George A.
Custer, Marty
Custer, Mrs. George A.
Cutcher, Jake
Cutcher, Kenneth
Cutcher, Howard
Cuthbert, C. E.
Cuthbert, Casey
Cuthbert, Edward
Cuthbert, James
Cuthbert, James J.
Cuthbert, N. A.
Cuthbert, William
Cuthbert, H. A. A.
Cuthbert, James A. A.
Cuthbertson, James L.
Cuthburn, William
Cutler, C. A.
Cutler, John
Cutler, Percy
Cutler, Percy
Cutlip, Densil
Cutshall, J.
Cutshall, W. A.
Cutt, R. E.
Cuttle, Thomas
Cuttle, James A.
Cuyler, E. J.
Cwodzinski, Charles A. A.
Cynprynski, Anthony
Cynski, Luke
Cyr, Philias
Cyr, Paul
Cyr, Lucien
Czarniecki, Paul
Czech, Joseph
Czekanski, Kevin M.
Czekanski, Kevin M. M.
Czeponis, David
Czevanski, Kevin
Czuprynski, Anthony
Czuprynski, Anthony W. W.
Czyczerski, Nickolas


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