Registry and Rig Information

Registry U.S.
Official Number 571
Rig Propeller

Dimensions and Tonnage

Length 186.00
Width 31.00
Depth 11.00
Gross Tonnage 600.75
Hull Material Wood

Vessel History

Rebuilds Lengthened c. 1866 (201.5 x 31.58 x 12; 797 gross - 478 net). Rebuilt at Clark's dry dock, Detroit, MI, 1868/1869; readmeasured May 10, 1869 (915 gross - 478 net; see memo)
History First enrollment issued at Detroit, MI, on August 17, 1861. Caught fire and burned at Reed's Elevator, Buffalo, NY, on November 16, 1867, while unloading. Had cargo of 1,700 bushels wheat and 600 barrels flour still aboard. Fire originated near boilers. Burned to water's edge. Later towed to Clark's Dry Dock, Detroit, MI, for rebuilding. Rebuilt, readmeasured, Port Huron, MI, May 7, 1875 (750 gross). Ran aground at Colchester Reef, Lake Erie, on September 24, 1881, $1,000 loss. Rig changed to barge, 1882 (186.66 x 32 x 12; 523 gross - 496 net). Burned at Saginaw, MI, on July 4, 1885. Rig changed to schooner, 1888. Vessel was valued at $47,000 in 1863, $28,000 in 1871, $14,000 in 1879, $10,000 in 1885, $7,000 in 1890, and $12,000 in 1897.
Disposition Sprung a leak and sank while in tow of propeller HIRAM W. SIBLEY, October 7, 1897, off Michigan Island, Apostle Islands, Lake Superior. Vessel was upbound with cargo of coal at time of loss. Crew rescued by towing vessel. Loss set at $12,000.

Build Information

Builder John L. Wolverton
Place Built Newport (Marine City), MI
Date Built 1861-00-00


Source HCGL; Gerald Metzler Great Lakes Database

Vessel Owners

NameBegin DateEnd DateRegistryOfficial Number
Baker, W. F.1878-04-20U.S.571
Baker, W. T. and Company1879-01-01U.S.571
Ballentine and Company1871-01-011876-05-17U.S.571
Ballintine, J.1869-05-10U.S.571
Bontell, L. S.1893-04-11U.S.571
Bule, D.1880-05-01U.S.571
Butler, T.1863-09-14U.S.571
Clement, S.1862-08-22U.S.571
Curtis, C.1880-05-011883-05-22U.S.571
Curtis, C. B.1877-01-011897-10-07U.S.571
Hartsham, A. G.1866-08-21U.S.571
Moore, A.1875-05-07U.S.571
Nikolson, R.1866-08-21U.S.571
Owen, E. W.1861-08-17U.S.571
Seeway, C.1885-01-01U.S.571
Ward, E. R.1865-01-011866-08-21U.S.571