Registry and Rig Information

Registry U.S.
Official Number 244188
Rig Propeller

Dimensions and Tonnage

Length 504.00
Width 68.16
Depth 39.16
Gross Tonnage 10448.00
Net Tonnage 6301.00
Hull Material Steel
Hull Number 00026

Vessel History

Rebuilds Tonnage change, 1952 (10494 gross - 6370 net). Tonnage change, 1964 (10771 gross - 6558 net). Lengthened and received new mid-body, American Ship Building Co., Toledo, OH, in 1967 (546.75 x 75 x 39; 11957 gross - 8526 net).
History Built as T2-SE-A1 class tanker for U.S. Maritime Commission. During rebuild, received old mid-body from \"jumbo-ized\" Navy tanker USS MISPILLION (A0-105), at American Ship Building Co., Toledo, OH. Vessel passed up Welland Canal, July 3, 1966, in tow of tugs AMERICA and SUPERIOR. New and reconverted mid-body was completed on January 21, 1967 (Lorain hull #890); vessel was refloated on May 18, 1967. Removed from documentation in June, 1967, and redocumented as new vessel same month. As TRANSSUPERIOR, passed up Detroit on May 19, 1967, loaded grain at Duluth, MN, and passed down at Welland Canal, on June 2, 1967.
Disposition Sold in May, 1981, for \"non-transportation use or scrapping\" to BS & S., Inc., Brownsville, TX, for $454,454.

Build Information

Builder Kaiser Co., Inc.
Place Built Portland, OR
Date Built 1943-00-00


Source HCGL

Vessel Names

NameBegin DateEnd DateRegistryOfficial Number
ALLENTOWN CARRIER1963-00-001963-00-00U.S.244188
ESSO ALLENTOWN1947-00-001963-00-00U.S.244188

Vessel Owners

NameBegin DateEnd DateRegistryOfficial Number
Allentown Carriers, Inc.1963-00-001963-00-00U.S.244188
Bladensburg Corp.1963-00-001964-00-00U.S.244188
Esso Shipping Co.1950-00-001958-00-00U.S.244188
Esso Standard Oil Co.1958-00-001960-00-00U.S.244188
Hudson Waterways, Inc.1964-00-001972-00-00U.S.508404
Humble Oil & Refining Co.1960-00-001963-00-00U.S.244188
Standard Oil Co. (NJ)1947-00-001950-00-00U.S.244188
U.S. Maritime Administration1943-00-001947-00-00U.S.244188
U.S. Maritime Administration (Mgrs: Hudson Waterways, Inc.)1972-00-001977-00-00U.S.508404
U.S. Maritime Administration (Mgrs: Polk Tanker Corp.)1977-00-001981-00-00U.S.508404