Registry and Rig Information

Registry U.S.
Official Number U.S.R.C.S.
Rig Tug

Dimensions and Tonnage

Length 94.50
Width 20.50
Depth 10.25
Gross Tonnage 170.00
Hull Material Iron

Vessel History

Rebuilds Documented measures, 1947 (90.58 x 20.75 x 9.33; 124 gross - 83 net). Rebuilt and converted to diesel, 1950 (no change of measures). Canadian measures, 1958 (90.68 x 21 x 9.33; 119 gross - 79 registered). U.S. measures, 1962, same as 1947 measures.
History As CALUMET, served as part of North Atlantic Squadron, U.S. Navy, in Spanish-American War, doing coastal patrol duty. Temporarily attached to Third Naval District, New York Division (USCG), during World War I. Returned to U.S. Treasury Dept., August 28, 1919.As JOHN F. DREWS (252202): Caught fire while being towed to Groton, CT, while off New Haven, CT, 1950, in Long Island Sound. Wooden cabins and superstructure burned off. Rebuilt and converted to diesel. On first assignment, while handling a prefabricated tunnel section, sank in Elizabeth River, Norfolk, VA. Raised by Merritt-Chapman & Scott Corp. derrick MONARCH, this in 1951. In 1952, transferred to work on St. Lawrence Seaway Project.
Disposition Out of documentation.

Build Information

Builder Bell, David
Place Built Buffalo, NY
Date Built 1894-00-00


Source HCGL

Vessel Names

NameBegin DateEnd DateRegistryOfficial Number
TIOGA (WYT-74)1934-00-001947-00-00U.S.U.S.R.C.S
DREWS, JOHN F.1947-00-001958-00-00U.S.252202
DREWS, JOHN F.1958-00-001962-00-00CANADA189876
DREWS, JOHN F.1962-00-001967-00-00U.S.252202
DUGAN, WILLIAM J.1967-00-00U.S.252202

Vessel Owners

NameBegin DateEnd DateRegistryOfficial Number
U.S. Revenue Cutter Service1894-00-001899-00-00U.S.U.S.R.C.S
U.S. Revenue Cutter Service1899-00-001915-00-00U.S.U.S.R.C.S
U.S. Coast Guard1915-00-001947-00-00U.S.U.S.R.C.S
New Haven Towing Co.1947-00-001959-00-00U.S.252202
Whaling City Dredge & Dock Corp.1950-00-001958-00-00U.S.252202
C.A. Pitts General Contractor, Ltd.1958-00-001962-00-00CANADA189876
Merritt-Chapman & Scott Corp.1962-00-001967-00-00U.S.252202
Dunbar & Sullivan Dredging Co.1967-00-00U.S.252202