Registry and Rig Information

Registry U.S.
Official Number 6198
Rig Steamer

Dimensions and Tonnage

Length 239.00
Width 34.33
Depth 13.16
Gross Tonnage 1039.30
Hull Material Wood

Vessel History

Rebuilds Thirty staterooms added over winter, 1859/1860. Readmeasured at Detroit, MI, September 7, 1865 (240 x 58 x 12.42; 880 gross). Reduced to schooner barge by Campbell & Owen, at Detroit, MI; readmeasured at Detroit, MI, April 26, 1870 (240 x 34.66 x 12.42; 723 gross - 675 net). Converted to propeller by Campbell & Owen at Detroit, MI; readmeasured there on May 15, 1871 (699 gross - 675 net).
History First enrollment issued at Buffalo, NY, August 22, 1859.Sprung a leak off Harrisville, MI, Lake Huron, on September 29, 1872, during gale, with schooner HUNTER in tow. Fires extinguished and both vessels drifted ashore, both becoming total losses. Were bound from Saginaw, MI, for Chicago, IL, with lumber. Both hulls released by tugs RESCUE and KATE MOFFATT during week of October 14, 1872, but chains parted on DETROIT. Final enrollment surrendered at Detroit on March 8, 1873.

Build Information

Builder Bidwell & Mason
Place Built Buffalo, NY
Date Built 1859-00-00


Source HCGL