Registry and Rig Information

Registry U.S.
Official Number 9161
Rig Bark/Barque

Dimensions and Tonnage

Length 164.83
Width 31.00
Depth 13.00
Masts 3
Gross Tonnage 616.00
Hull Material Wood

Vessel History

Rebuilds Remeasured, Detroit, MI, April 18, 1865 (166.25 x 31.16 x 12; 451.70 gross - 434.11 net). Rig changed to schooner, Buffalo, NY, March 25, 1880. Rig changed to barge, Buffalo, NY, March 17, 1881. Rig changed to schooner, Port Huron, MI, July 6, 1885. Rig changed to barge, Detroit, MI, February 17, 1910.
History First enrollment issued at Detroit, MI, September 9, 1863. In collision in Chicago and repaired in June 1867, $200 loss. Also in June 1967, went ashore at Marquette, MI, and released, $5,000 loss. Went ashore at Spectacle Reef, Lake Huron, in August 1967, $400 loss. In collision on Lake Michigan and repaired in May 1868, $300 loss. June 1869: went ashore at Bois Blanc Island, $13,300 worth of iron ore lost. In collision in the St. Clair River off Port Huron, MI, in September 1869, $600 loss. October 1869: collision with schooner JOHN WEEDEN off Sheboygan, WI; repaired, $900 loss. Sustained hull damage in a Lake Michigan gale and repaired, November 1869. July 1870: in collision at Cleveland, OH, and repaired, $400 loss. September 1873: went ashore at Ashtabula, OH, and repaired, $2,000 loss. October 1873: lost sail canvas in a storm and had to be refitted, $600 loss. September 25, 1885: sprang a leak and went ashore at Bayfield, WI, and repaired.
Disposition Final enrollment surrendered at Toledo, OH, December 31, 1921, and endorsed \"abandoned and dismantled.\"

Build Information

Builder Luff, Joseph
Place Built Newport (Marine City), MI
Date Built 1863-00-00


Source HCGL

Vessel Owners

NameBegin DateEnd DateRegistryOfficial Number
Alexander Gilchrist1863-00-001864-00-00U.S.9161
Butler Brothers1908-00-001908-00-00U.S.9161
Charles J. Mann1866-00-001866-00-00U.S.9161
D. D. Hamett1873-00-001873-00-00U.S.9161
E. J. Vance1887-00-001887-00-00U.S.9161
E. T. Smith1878-00-001878-00-00U.S.9161
Franklin Moore1865-00-001865-00-00U.S.9161
H. E. Runnells1889-00-001906-00-00U.S.9161
H. L. Loud1888-00-001888-00-00U.S.9161
Henry C. Winslow1870-00-001872-00-00U.S.9161
I. H. De Graff1881-00-001881-00-00U.S.9161
J. B. Griffin1881-00-001881-00-00U.S.9161
LeBeau Wrecking Company1920-00-001920-00-00U.S.9161
R. Montgomery1878-00-001880-00-00U.S.9161
Tunnel Construction Company1910-00-001910-00-00U.S.9161
W. H. Ellery1910-00-001910-00-00U.S.9161
William Mitchell1882-00-001886-00-00U.S.9161