Registry and Rig Information

Registry U.S.
Official Number 206346
Rig Tug

Dimensions and Tonnage

Length 96.00
Width 24.50
Depth 14.00
Gross Tonnage 194.00
Net Tonnage 126.00
Hull Material Steel
Hull Number 00032

Vessel History

Rebuilds U.S. Navy tonnage, 1917 (209 displaced). Redocumented tonnage, 1947 (203 gross - 198 net). Tonnage change, 1963 (199 gross - 135 net).
History Sold to U.S. Navy in December, 1917; commissioned on April 1, 1918 and assigned to submarine squadron, towing targets, Atlantic Fleet. Transferred to Norfolk, VA, April 13, 1919, for use on York River. Ordered to Washington Navy Yard on October 20, 1920 as harbor tug. Renamed SHENANDOAH (YT-36), on November 20, 1920. Renamed CHOPTANK (YT-36) on October 15, 1923. Reclassified YTM-136 on April 13, 1944. Stricken from Navy List on December 30, 1946; transferred to U.S. Maritime Commission on April 27, 1947. Sold on June 9, 1947.
Disposition In operation as ADMIRAL, Gulfport Towing Co., Gulfport, MS, from 1982; purchased from Breg Boat Company. Listed in Inland River Record, 1996. Scrapped in 2006.

Build Information

Builder Johnston Brothers
Place Built Ferrysburg, MI
Date Built 1909-00-00


Source HCGL

Vessel Names

NameBegin DateEnd DateRegistryOfficial Number
HACKETT, FRANCIS B.1917-00-001920-00-00U.S.U.S. NAVY
SHENANDOAH (YT-36)1920-00-001923-00-00U.S.U.S. NAVY
CHOPTANK (YT-36)1923-00-001944-00-00U.S.U.S. NAVY
CHOPTANK (YTM-36)1944-00-001947-00-00U.S.U.S. NAVY
ST.PHILIP, GLORIA1970-00-001979-00-00U.S.206346

Vessel Owners

NameBegin DateEnd DateRegistryOfficial Number
Hackett Wrecking Co.1909-00-001917-00-00U.S.206346
Morse Drydock Co.1917-00-001917-00-00U.S.206346
U.S. Navy1917-00-001946-00-00U.S.U.S. NAVY
U.S. Maritime Commission1946-00-001947-00-00U.S.U.S. NAVY
Walter L. Mesick1947-00-001956-00-00U.S.206346
Wilcox Towing Co.1956-00-001963-00-00U.S.206346
Allied Towing Corp.1963-00-001967-00-00U.S.206346
General Towing Corp.1967-00-001968-00-00U.S.206346
St. Philip Coastal towing Co., Inc.1968-00-001979-00-00U.S.206346
Breg Boat Co.1979-00-001982-00-00U.S.206346
Gulfport Towing Co.1982-00-002006-00-00U.S.206346