Registry and Rig Information

Rig Steamer

Dimensions and Tonnage

Length 220.00
Width 28.00
Depth 11.00
Gross Tonnage 740.00
Hull Material Iron

Vessel History

History Cut in half at Sorel, P.Q., in winter, 1867-68, and arrived at Buffalo, NY, in June, 1868. Joined by David Bell, and upper cabins added.Hull stripped at Collingwood, Ont., towed by tug J.T. ROBB to Buffalo, departing Collingwood on August 5, 1877. Cut in half by Union Dry Dock Co., Buffalo, NY, departing there October 17, 1877. Rebuilt by Muir Brothers Dry Dock, Port Dalhousie, Ont.; completed December 15, 1877. Towed to Toronto, Ont., for rebuild, arriving there December 24, 1877 (221 x 26 x 10.75; 931 gross - 540 net). Replated at Kingston, Ontario, in 1904; rebuilt and reboilered, 1890.
Sank at Dock, Toronto, Ont., on October 27, 1919; certificate surrendered on January 1, 1920. Raised and rebuilt as barge (221 x 26 x 10.75; 278 gross - 278 registered).
Built as blockade runner, with no superstructure, two fore & aft stacks, two raking masts. Turned over to Chicora Co. on December 17, 1863; cleared for Hamilton, Bermuda, on March 29, 1864, to operate Bermuda-Wilmington-Charleston. Laid up at Halifax, N.S., after war; first registered there on February 1, 1866.
Ran Collingwood-For William-way ports, later adding Duluth, in 1868-69. Transported Wolsey Expedition, Collingwood-Prince Arthur Landing, in 1870, to stop Riel Rebellion on Red River. Lay idle at Collingwood, late 1873-July, 1874, then chartered to Lord Dufferin, Governor-General of Canada. After this, again went into lay-up at Collingwood until 1877.
Ran Toronto-Niagara River, 1878-1914. Finished 1914 season on Labor Day, then lay idle at Toronto, 1914-1919.
Disposition In collision with propeller SPRUCEBAY, September 19, 1938, in Kingston, Ontario, and sank. Raised and pulled onto Howe Island, Ontario, and cut up for scrap.

Build Information

Builder Miller, William C. & Sons
Place Built Liverpool, Great Britain
Date Built 1864-00-00


Source HCGL

Vessel Names

NameBegin DateEnd DateRegistryOfficial Number

Vessel Owners

NameBegin DateEnd DateRegistryOfficial Number
Chicora Co.1864-00-001866-00-00CONFEDERATE STATES OF AMERICA
Benjamin Weir1866-00-001867-00-00CANADA53588
Benjamin Weir (47/64) and Donald Milloy (17/64)1867-00-001868-00-00CANADA53588
Don Milloy(17/64), Nicol Milloy(17/64), Don Robertson(15/64), Thomas Burk(15/64)1868-00-001873-00-00CANADA53588
Don Robertson(15/64), Thomas Burk(15/64), Sir Frank Smith, Noah Barnhart(34/64)1873-00-001877-00-00CANADA53588
Niagara Navigation Co. (Barlow Cumberland & Frank Smith)1877-00-001913-00-00CANADA53588
Richelieu & Ontario Navigation Co., Ltd.1913-00-001914-00-00CANADA53588
Canada Steamship Lines, Ltd.1914-00-001920-00-00CANADA53588
Warren Transportation Co., Ltd.1920-00-001923-00-00CANADA53588
Quinte Coal & Towing Co., Ltd.1923-00-001928-00-00CANADA53588
Ernest F. Whitelaw (Pyke Salvage Co., Ltd., Mgr.)1928-00-001938-00-00CANADA53588