Registry and Rig Information

Registry U.S.
Official Number 92169
Rig Propeller

Dimensions and Tonnage

Length 282.33
Width 40.25
Depth 21.25
Gross Tonnage 2325.00
Net Tonnage 1835.00
Hull Material Steel
Hull Number 00031

Vessel History

Rebuilds Canadian measures, 1915 (297 x 40.25 x 21.16; 2702 gross - 1694 registered). Cut in two and taken to coast, 1918. Lengthened by Canadian Vickers, Ltd., Montreal, P.Q. in 1923 (346.33 x 40.16 x 22; 3072 gross - 1874 registered). Rebuilt by Port Arthur Shipbuilding Co., Ltd., in 1931. Reduced to sand dredge barge in 1959.
Disposition Scrapped by Steel Co. of Canada, Ltd., at Hamilton, Ontario, in 1961.

Build Information

Builder Globe Iron Works
Place Built Cleveland, OH
Date Built 1890-00-00


Source HCGL

Vessel Names

NameBegin DateEnd DateRegistryOfficial Number
H.S. & G. NO. 11959-00-001961-00-00CANADA130979

Vessel Owners

NameBegin DateEnd DateRegistryOfficial Number
Bassett Steamship Co., Ltd.1915-00-001918-00-00CANADA130979
Holden Sand & Gravel, Ltd.1959-00-001961-00-00CANADA130979
Minnesota Steamship Co.1890-00-001901-00-00U.S.92169
Minto Trading Co., Ltd.1923-00-001926-00-00CANADA130979
N.M. Paterson & Sons, Ltd.1951-00-001959-00-00CANADA130979
Paterson Steamship, Ltd.1926-00-001951-00-00CANADA130979
Pittsburgh Steamship Co.1901-00-001915-00-00U.S.92169
Transatlantic Steamship Co., Ltd.1918-00-001923-00-00CANADA130979