Registry and Rig Information

Registry U.S.
Official Number 92294
Rig Steamer

Dimensions and Tonnage

Length 175.00
Width 31.00
Depth 9.50
Gross Tonnage 570.94
Net Tonnage 449.47
Hull Material Iron
Hull Number 00263

Vessel History

Rebuilds Canadian tonnage, 1902 (569 gross - 448 net). U.S. measures, 1922 (175 x 31 x 10.16; 418 gross - 241 net). Reduced to barge, 1944, but undocumented.
History First enrolled at Philadelphia, PA, May 29, 1891.Final East Coast document surrendered at New York, NY, March 28, 1902, and endorsed \"sold alien.\" Renamed FOREST CITY on May 26, 1910. Dropped from U.S. documentation in 1947 as steamer, but cabins had been stripped in 1944.

Build Information

Builder Harlan & Hollingsworth
Place Built Wilmington, DE
Date Built 1891-00-00


Source HCGL

Vessel Names

NameBegin DateEnd DateRegistryOfficial Number
KING EDWARD1902-00-001910-00-00CANADA113897
FOREST CITY1910-00-001922-00-00CANADA113897

Vessel Owners

NameBegin DateEnd DateRegistryOfficial Number
Harlan & Hollingsworth1891-00-001891-00-00U.S.92294
Montauk Steamboat Co.1891-00-001895-00-00U.S.92294
Long Island Railway Co.1895-00-001899-00-00U.S.92294
River & Harbor Transportation Co.1899-00-001902-00-00U.S.92294
Edward V. Douglas1902-00-001903-00-00CANADA113897
Algoma Central & Hudson Bay Railway Co., Ltd.1903-00-001911-00-00CANADA113897
Ontario & Ohio Navigation Co., Ltd.1911-00-001912-00-00CANADA113897
Richard Clayton Eckert1912-00-001912-00-00CANADA113897
Everard Hardel North1912-00-001912-00-00CANADA113897
Silver Islet Navigation Co., Ltd.1912-00-001918-00-00CANADA113897
Michael McCulloch1918-00-001922-00-00CANADA113897
Katherine Murphy1922-00-001923-00-00U.S.92294
North Shore Steamship Co.1923-00-001923-00-00U.S.92294
Katherine Murphy1923-00-001923-00-00U.S.92294
Clow & Nicholson Transportation Co.1923-00-001942-00-00U.S.92294
West End Iron & Metal Corp.1942-00-001943-00-00U.S.92294
Walter W. Bowe & A.B. Powers1943-00-001944-00-00U.S.92294
Lyons Construction Co.1944-00-001947-00-00U.S.92294