Registry and Rig Information

Registry U.S.
Official Number U.S. NAVY
Rig Propeller

Dimensions and Tonnage

Length 233.66
Width 38.00
Depth 11.00
Hull Material Steel

Vessel History

History Commissioned on August 19, 1897 with North Atlantic Fleet. During Spanish-American War, captured 4 Spanish ships between April 22 and July 26, 1898, and assisted in cutting undersea telegraph cable off Cienfuegos in Caribbean. Arrived at Manila, P.I., on December 31, 1899, via Suez Canal, to lend gunfire support against Filipino insurgents. During Boxer Rebellion, arrived at Taku, China, on June 18, 1900, with Marines. Arrived back at Cavite, P.I., on February 3, 1901, then to Mediterranean, arriving Genoa, Italy, on September 22, 1901. Arrived Boston, January 16, 1903, then to Caribbean, May 26, 1903 to March 4, 1904. Decommissioned at Boston, June 30, 1904. Recommissioned on August 8, 1905, sent to Caribbean, then decommissioned at Boston on July 23, 1906.
Assigned to train reservists out of Chicago, IL, April 29, 1909, after three years on reserve status. In July, 1911, to Boston, then to Caribbean, arriving Santo Domingo on January 31, 1912. Spent five years patrolling in West Indies and off Central America. In reduced commission status, New Orleans, May 10 to July 18, 1916, then to Tampico, Mexico. With U.S. entering World War I in April, 1917, arrived at Gibraltar on August 18, 1917 to serve on patrol and convoy escort duty in western Mediterranean and off North Africa. Arrived at Charleston, SC, August 3, 1918 and decommissioned there on October 29, 1918. Sold on October 20, 1921, to J.L. Bernard & Co.
Disposition Scrapped by J.L. Bernard & Co., Washington, D.C., in 1921.

Build Information

Builder Newport News Shipping & Dry Dock Co.
Place Built Newport News, VA
Date Built 1895-00-00


Source HCGL

Vessel Owners

NameBegin DateEnd DateRegistryOfficial Number
U.S. Navy1895-00-001921-00-00U.S.U.S. NAVY