Registry and Rig Information

Registry U.S.
Official Number U.S. NAVY
Rig Brig

Dimensions and Tonnage

Length 110.00
Width 30.00
Depth 9.00
Masts 2
Gross Tonnage 493.00
Hull Material Wood

Vessel History

Rebuilds Raised and rebuilt at Erie, PA, in 1913. Rebuilt in 1963 at Erie, PA. Renovated in 1933, 1943, 1988.
History Commissioned on August 4, 1813.Was armed with two 12-pounders and eighteen 32-pound carronades. Was sunk in 1820, at Misery Bay, Erie, PA, for preservation. Sold out of service on July 12, 1825. Owned and raised shortly thereafter, successively, by Benjamin H. Brown and Captain George Miles, but sunk again because of deterioration. Raised on March 6, 1913, by Perry Centennial Commission, restored, and towed for exhibition from Buffalo to Chicago, stopping at most way ports between. Returned to Erie, September 21, 1913, after Battle of Lake Erie celebrations, and cribbed just out of water. Restoration begun in 1929 by Niagara Association of Erie, with help from PA Historical Commission, but work suspended in 1934 because of insufficient funds. Restored and rerigged in 1963, for Perry Sesquicentennial celebration, by PA Historical Commission; $180,000 expended.
Disposition Museum ship mounted on concrete, at foot of State Street, Erie, PA, 1913.

Build Information

Builder Crosby, Ebenezer & Brown, Noah
Place Built Erie, PA
Date Built 1813-00-00


Source HCGL

Vessel Owners

NameBegin DateEnd DateRegistryOfficial Number
U.S. Navy1813-00-001825-00-00U.S.U.S. NAVY
Benjamin H. Brown1825-00-00U.S.
George MilesU.S.
Perry Centennial CommissionU.S.
Niagara Association of ErieU.S.
Pennsylvania Historical CommissionU.S.