Registry and Rig Information

Registry PANAMA
Rig Propeller

Dimensions and Tonnage

Length 355.00
Width 60.00
Depth 17.50
Gross Tonnage 3401.00
Net Tonnage 2002.00
Hull Material Steel
Hull Number 00015

Vessel History

Rebuilds Canadian measures, 1960 (360 x 60 x 17.25; 4207 gross - 2497 registered). Reduced to barge at Hamilton, Ontario, 1977; after cabins removed; stern notched to receive tug. (3358 gross - 2740 registered).
History As LIQUILASSIE (C199395): Struck wharf late in 1973-74 season, had bow plating removed for repair at Toronto in January. Struck a pier of the Gandy Bridge over Tampa Bay, opening several small holes in her port side. The incident occurred on February 6, 1981.
Sold Panamanian; register closed (C199395) 1/27/83.

Build Information

Builder Barnes-Duluth Shipbuilding Co.
Place Built Duluth, MN
Date Built 1943-00-00


Source HCGL

Vessel Names

NameBegin DateEnd DateRegistryOfficial Number

Vessel Owners

NameBegin DateEnd DateRegistryOfficial Number
Creole Petroleum Corp. (Standard Oil Co.)1943-00-001960-00-00PANAMA
Canada Import Co., Ltd. (Porter Shipping Co., Ltd., Mgrs.)1960-00-001965-00-00CANADA199395
Eagle Shipping & Investment Co., Ltd. (Porter Shipping Co., Ltd., Mgrs.)1965-00-001966-00-00CANADA199395
Liquilassie Shipping, Ltd. (Porter Shipping Co., Ltd., Mgrs.)1966-00-001971-00-00CANADA199395
Porter Holdings, Ltd. (Liquilassie Shipping, Ltd., Mgrs.)1971-00-001977-00-00CANADA199395
L.B. Tanker Inc. (Raymond E. Bergeron)1977-00-001983-00-00CANADA199395