Registry and Rig Information

Registry U.S.
Official Number 81403
Rig Tug

Dimensions and Tonnage

Length 99.00
Width 23.25
Depth 11.00
Gross Tonnage 150.00
Net Tonnage 76.00

Vessel History

Rebuilds Rebuilt and converted to diesel propulsion, December 7, 1937, at New Orleans, LA. Tonnage changed to 177 gross - 78 net.
History On the trial trip, in Saginaw Bay, the vessel obtained a trial speed of 14 knots. On the delivery trip to New Orleans; departed New York at 1200 hours, November 17, 1892. With bunker stops at Norfolk, VA, Charleston, SC, Key West, FL, and Tampa, FL, the tug made arrival at 2100 hours, November 28, 1892, and was detained at the Quarantine Anchorage until 0730 hours, November 29, 1892. The vessel arrived at New Orleans, LA, at 1430 hours, that same day; steaming a distance of 100 miles, in just 7 hours, with a moderate amount of steam.
Disposition Vessel lost; collided with American T/S WASHINGTON CARRIER, February 4, 1963, in the Mississippi River, approximately 600 ft. off the Southern Pacific Wharf, at Algiers, LA.

Build Information

Builder Wheeler, F.W. & Co.
Place Built West Bay City, MI
Date Built 1892-00-00


Source HCGL

Vessel Names

NameBegin DateRegistryOfficial Number
COYLE, W.G.1937-00-00U.S.81403
COYLE, W.G.1946-00-00U.S.81403
WHITEMAN, H.C.1946-00-00U.S.81403

Vessel Owners

NameBegin DateRegistryOfficial Number
Southern Trans. Co.1892-00-00U.S.81403
The Monogahela River Consolidated Coal & Coke Co.1899-00-00U.S.81403
The Pittsburg Coal Co.1916-00-00U.S.81403
Morris Adler & Co.1917-00-00U.S.81403
Rivers & Oceans Towing Co.1917-00-00U.S.81403
Corona Coal Co.1921-00-00U.S.81403
W.G. Coyle & Co.1923-00-00U.S.81403
DeBardeleben Coal Co.1937-00-00U.S.81403
U.S. of America, War Dept.1941-00-00U.S.U.S. ARMY
George W. Whiteman1946-00-00U.S.81403
George W. Whiteman Towing1957-00-00U.S.81403