Registry and Rig Information

Registry U.S.
Official Number 80861
Rig Propeller

Dimensions and Tonnage

Length 203.75
Width 35.00
Depth 11.58
Gross Tonnage 1181.66
Net Tonnage 1020.19
Hull Material Steel
Hull Number 00049

Vessel History

Rebuilds Rebuilt at Manitowoc, WI, main deck widened and hull bustled above waterline. Reenrolled, Milwaukee, WI, May 18, 1910 (203.75 x 40 x 24.5; 2142 gross - 1457 net). Measures change, 1915 (209 x 40 x 20.75; 1921 gross - 1567 net).
History First enrollment issued at Detroit, MI, November 18, 1881.Name changed to NAOMI, at Grand Haven, MI, January 31, 1899. Dropped from enrollment at Milwaukee, WI, May 22, 1907, and endorsed \"vessel lost.\" Reenrolled, Milwaukee, WI, March 27, 1909. Name changed to E.G. CROSBY, Milwaukee, WI, May 18, 1910.
Sold to U.S. Shipping Board in 1918 and taken to Atlantic Coast for use as a hospital convalescent ship in New York harbor. Returned to the lakes in 1920.
As WISCONSIN: Suffered major hull damage after being trapped in ice off Grand Haven, MI, Lake Michigan, for two weeks in March, 1885.
As NAOMI: Caught fire in mid-lake, about twenty-eight miles off Grand Haven, MI, bound for Milwaukee. Passengers and crew rescued by propeller S.S. CURRY, this on May 21, 1907. After fire burned itself out, propeller KANSAS towed hulk to Grand Haven, after which she was towed to Manitowoc, WI, for rebuilding. Four lives were lost in the fire.
Disposition Foundered 6.49 miles east-southeast of Kenosha, WI, Lake Michigan, October 29, 1929; nine lives lost. Fifty-nine crew and passengers rescued by U.S. Coast Guard and tug SEARCH.

Build Information

Builder Detroit Dry Dock Co.
Place Built Wyandotte, MI
Date Built 1881-00-00


Source HCGL

Vessel Names

NameBegin DateEnd DateRegistryOfficial Number
CROSBY, E.G.1910-00-001918-00-00U.S.80861
O'REILLY, GENERAL ROBERT M.1918-00-001919-00-00U.S.U.S.S.B.
CROSBY, E.G.1919-00-001920-00-00U.S.80861

Vessel Owners

NameBegin DateEnd DateRegistryOfficial Number
Goodrich Transit Co.1881-00-001883-00-00U.S.80861
Grand Haven & Milwaukee Transportation Co.1883-00-001896-00-00U.S.80861
Crosby Transportation Co.1896-00-001918-00-00U.S.80861
U.S. Shipping Board1918-00-001919-00-00U.S.U.S.S.B.
Chicago, Racine & Milwaukee Steamship Co.1919-00-001922-00-00U.S.80861
Goodrich Transit Co.1922-00-001929-00-00U.S.80861